Hash #735, also known as the Gone With the Wind Hash started with about 30 Hashers.  Starting point was in Areia, near the Guincho campground.  The trail was set by Loopy, Mile High, and Pussy Galore. Rambo route was approximately 9km throughout the greater metropolitan area of Areia and Aldeia de Juso.  One or two Hashers remarked that the weather for this Hash was the worst they’d experienced during a Hash – we had wind, rain, sleet, and cold weather.  I, for one, enjoyed it.  At a certain point, though, I did give up trying to avoid the mud puddles, and applied the rule that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  Not sure how many Wimps there were, as several of them departed prior to the Circle, if they indeed finished the trail at all.

We had a few Virgins on this Hash – Nadine Beatty, Debbie Knox, Julianna Myrick, and Enrique Gomez.  Only two of them actually went into the Circle – the other two having departed earlier, due to the weather.

Bad weather returned – cold, strong wind, and strong rain – as we were welcoming the Virgins, so we decided to cut short the Circle.  We therefore did not get to recognize the Retornados, Birthdays, Misdemeanors, or No Name, and we did not name two No Names.  The two No Names will be named at their next Hash.  Names of all are shown below, even though we didn’t recognize them.  We will recognize them at the next Hash.

Retornados:  Elizabeth (Buffy) Kennedy; Bad Hare Day; Harry Poppins; Diane Thoms.

Birthdays:  Depth Charge (161); Boomerang (270); Confuzeus (77); Corkscrew (90); Trojan Horse (15); Hoochy Coochy Man (90).

No Name: Diane Thoms.

Naming:  David Thoms; Marcia Turner.

Upcoming Hares:

2 February – 736 – Fast Finnish and Father Haggis

16 February – 737 – K2 and The Seekers

2 March – 738 – AWAY HASH – K2, Ice Pyck, ONE MORE HARE NEEDED – LIVE HASH

3 March – 739 – AWAY HASH – K2, Bondage, Ice Pyck

16 March – 740 – Hares needed

30 March – 741 – Hares needed

NOTE:  Interested in serving as a Hare?  Want to find out what’s involved?  Want to learn the benefits of being a Hare?  Want to be a Hare but intimidated by taking on all that responsibility?  Contact our Hare Raiser, Hoochy Coochy Man.

Upcoming events: (all are tentative)

  • 2 & 3 March 2013 – Away Hash, Altura, Algarve.  50 euro per room per night, all-inclusive.  Email K2 if you want to attend.
  • 13 April 2013 – On On Dinner – Restaurante Pica Pau, Estoril – more info to follow
  • 25 May 2013 – Red Dress Hash

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