Starting point for Hash #738 was in the national forest near Santa Rita, not too far from our hotel, Eurotel Altura.  Before the Hash, we went to Tavira for a tour of some of the historic sites of Tavira, guided by employees of the city.  We were shown around the castle, where they explained that excavations have shown that Phoenicians had been to Tavira 800 years before Christ.  We were also guided through one of the many churches in the city with beautiful azulejos.  Finally we were brought to a city museum on the concept of the Mediterranean diet, and told that the Greek root word for ‘diet’ signifies more than just the food we consume, but also the entire way of life.

The trails were laid by Basil Fawlty, Depth Charge, Ice Pyck, Eurotel employee Miguel, and K2.  Wimps route was estimated at about 6-7km; Rambo route was originally meant to be 13.8km, but we ran out of time to set it all, so it ended up being closer to 9km.  There were some rough hills at the beginning (and a little bit of confusion), with some nice views of the Algarve hills.  Approximately half way through we came upon a herd of sheep.  Miguel started making noises at them and they started running – with us, or away from us, I’m not sure.

Following the Hash, we enjoyed Circle refreshments provided by the hotel staff, and they did a great job.

We only had one Virgin on this Hash – Filipe Courado, friend of Bondage and Nice’n’Easy. We also had many visitors from Algarve, UK, and Swiss Hashes – Diesel Dyke, (Don’t Call Me) Shurley, Malpenis, High’n’Mighty, Ring Pull, All Night Long, Likk’mm, and Smoking Donkey. This reporter was amazed to be surrounded by two other tall Hashers – Likk’mm is an inch or two shorter, while High’n’Mighty is the same height!  Many thanks to the visitors for joining us.

Retornados – Shaken Not Stirred, Flying Mum, Graphic Exposure, Not In Charge, Wannabet, Wanderstock, Basil ‘5 Star’ Fawlty, Bombeira, La Formiga, Picanha, NN Wesley Feaver, Tatties, Bondage, Neeps, Nice’n’Easy, Savuzela, NN Sandra Frasco.

Birthdays – Bardess (455), Elle T-Shirt (22), Father Haggis (120), K2 (90), La Formiga (22), Loo Seeker (28), Mismatch (180), Nice’n’Easy (5?), Supercali (15), Tatties (99).

There was one No Name – Miguel, an employee of the hotel. He had also helped set the trails last year, and was very friendly and helpful.  He likes women, but he also likes sheep (re, the incident during the Hash where the sheep started running from us); he is into boxing, he has a sense of humor, he has a two-year-old daughter (but is still available), and while in the military he was in the airborne unit (sky diving).


Not In Charge – for being crippled

Approximately half of the named Hashers – for not wearing Hash t-shirts

Filipe Courado (virgin) – for having a talking GPS unit

Neeps and Tatties – for being teenagers

Following the Hash, we adjourned back to the hotel, and at 20.30 enjoyed a great buffet dinner.  The Mayor of Tavira joined us for the dinner.  Following dinner, many of us participated in drinking games, or spilled large amounts of wine on our clothing, or danced.  Pinocchio treated us to a brief pole dancing demonstration, while Neeps did a very good Michael Jackson moon-walking demo.

Upcoming Hares:

16 March – 740 – Boomerang, Confuzeus

30 March – 741 – K2, Johnny English, Pulp Fiction

NOTE:  Interested in serving as a Hare?  Want to find out what’s involved?  Want to learn the benefits of being a Hare?  Want to be a Hare but intimidated by taking on all that responsibility?  Contact our Hare Raiser, Hoochy Coochy Man.

Upcoming events: (all are tentative)

  • 16 March 2013 – St. Patrick’s Day Hash – the three Rambos and three Wimps who display the most green (face paint, body paint, fingernail polish, shirt, shorts, hat, whatever) get a voucher good for Hash Cash at a future Hash.  The one Hasher with the best overall St Patrick’s costume wins a special prize.
  • 13 April 2013 – On On Dinner – Restaurante Pica Pau, Estoril.  15 euro for adults, 10 euro for children for named Hashers, including Hash Cash for that day (23 euro and 12 euro for No Names).  Sign up and pay by 16 March and get a free LH3 mug.  If you pay on the day, it’s 23 euro for adults and 12 euro for children, even for named Hashers.
  • 11 May 2013 – Red Dress Hash
  • 8 June 2013 – AGPU – we will choose members for the Mismanagement Committee.
  • 22 June 2013 – Summer Solstice Hash – On On at 06.13.  Breakfast to follow; location TBD.
  • 3 August 2013 – Hash #750 – details TBD – theme related to wine.
  • 12 & 13 October 2013 – Away Hash, near Tomar.  More details to follow.

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Hash Master and Scribe