Despite the mercurial weather there was a strong turn out for Hash 746 with 63 Wimps and Rambos gathering at Depth Charge and Not In Charge residency in Birre, Cascais Hares were, Oval, Bad Hare Day and PG, who set a an interesting and at times challenging 8k route for the Wimps and 12.5k for Rambos which went out east alongside the A5, turning north towards Murches before descending into the valley and then climbing steeply back out again! Across towards Charneca where the Rambos split off and ran an additional loop through the beautiful area behind Gunicho then all back to Birre for lots of Beer.
The Hash Hare Raiser, Hoochie Coochie Man gave special acknowledgement to Oval for haring his 50th Hash and duly presented him with some rather fetching pink hare ears!
There was also thanks and praise given to all the Hares and Religious Advisor for keeping the heavens from opening.
Just one Virgin; Dawn Farr who was introduced to the Hash by Johnny English.
The following Retornados were welcomed back: Jorge Fazendeiro, Mamo Mia, Super Trooper, Chickitita, Pratima Thapa, Lewis Renfre, Antoneta Roman, Mark Fairley, Doris (Stuki) Gaspar, Snoopy, Ready Steady Stop, Off Key, Zoom & Blue Balls.
Birthdays were celebrated for Also Ran (65) Ball Seeker (25) Blue Balls (10) Corkscrew (95) Farit Seeker (25) High Viz Blitz (22) Mile High (40) Neeps (105) Not Tonight (111) Pulp Fiction (15) This Won’t Hurt (115) & Supercalifragilisticexpiallidocious
There were no names present, and one naming for Rahena Ali who due to her role as a English Teacher, experience of controlling naughty boys with wandering hands and her intolerance of certain food substances will now be known as Pull-It Surprise – not to be confused with the Pulitzer Prize
AGPU – As this was the AGPU Hash the following roles and positions were voted and confirmed:
• Hash Master (Mattress/Mistress) – Fast Finnish with acting Deputies Loopy & Corkscrew. If you have any questions of have issues to raise please email directly to
• Religious Advisor – Depth Charge with Hoochie Coochie Man as back up
• Hash Cash – Bad Hare Day with Not In Charge as back up
• Hash Flash – Trojan Horse with Breast Stroker as back up
• Beer Meisters – Pencil Squeezer & Pencil Sharpner
• Hash Pourers – Under the Covers, Pinocchio & Pulp Fiction
• Hash Geek – Bad Hare Day with Immaculate Misconception as back up
• Hash Scribe – Corkscrew with Loopy as back up
• Hash Haberdashery – G String with Party Pants as back up
• Music Master- G String. This new position was created following Ice Pyke’s claim that the singing at this hash was rubbish and to be fair it is, so he will provide a list of hash songs and G String will tune us up in future.
Volunteers were asked for Hash Horn and Away Hash Co-ordinator, and whilst no one was officially voted on for these positions, Loopysaurus did seem to enjoy blowing the horn.
Other decisions discussed and agreed at the AGPU were:
• Summer Solitice Hash will be hared by Fast Finnish & Loopy. The start time and On On breakfast location and costs will be confirmed in the next few days but the intention is to have it at Bar Gunicho.
• The next On On dinner would take place at the Away Hash in Tomar weekend of October 12th. Ice Pyke is hosting this event and we encourage all hashers to attend what will be a fun and entertaining “Away Hash”. A separate event will be created on Face Book and more details to follow nearer the time.
• We need a Rambo Volunteer to Hare for the July 6th Hash, This Won’t Hurt has agreed to hare the wimp route, and we need an experienced wimp hare to work with High Viz Blitz to hare the hash on July 20th please email Hoochie Coochie Man if you are available

A huge thank you to Depth Charge and Not In Charge for letting us use their garden and home to hold the AGPU BBQ and subsequent dancing and entertainment it was a fabulous day and evening take a look ….
Finally a sad farewell to Countess, Counter & Princess Discount who are returning to Canada we wish them all the very best and hope to see them at LH3 at some point in the future.
On On