LH3 #754 which began in Janes, had a total of 53 Wimps and Rambo’s of which 24 were “virgins” to LH3 but not true virgins as we had a special contingent from the Mersey Hash who were celebrating their 250th run!

Hares for the day, Depth Charge, Head Banger and Finnish Easter who set a heavy duty route for the Rambo’s which came close to 17k if you completed both loops and the most horrendous hill climb. Luckily the Hash views, which included Cascais, Estroil, Sintra and as far as Lisbon April 25th Bridge, provided suitable rest and recuperation points. There was special respect paid to visiting hashers, Austin Powers and his wife for pushing their baby daughter in her pram around the complete 17k route! Wimps route was shorter at 6.5k.

Hoochie Coochie Man stood in as Hash Master, because Fast Finnish was on Rugby & Football duty. Something that she would normally have delegated to Finnish Eater but since she had already volunteered him as a Hare she no choice but to swap her Rambo role and HM duties to be both chauffeur and supporting parent for the day.

Virgins; From the Mersey Hashers we welcomed, Austin Powers, Hansel, O.T.T, Cleopatra, Talking Bullshit, Mad Hatter, Ten Seconds, F.C.U.K., Overdrive & Snoozeanne. Other virgins were Marcella Franchi, Paul, Ana, Tomas & Marta Pritchard, Peter, Catherine & Ewan Golding, Sandra Walsh, Supriya Thakuk, Vivian Pender, Sandra Contente, Ferderique & Adeline Huillon.

Retornados: We were delighted to welcome IcePyck back and pleased his operation was a success and he is in good health once more. Also welcomed back was Alternative Entrance and Alexander Jerebetsov.

Birthdays were celebrated for Corkscrew (100) Hoochie Coochie Man (100) IcePyck (80) and Ball Seeker (30)

Misdemeanours included Head Banger and Finnish Eater who as Hares for the day caused much  confusion at the beginning of the route; Alternative Entrance who is now regarded as the new “Hash Madam” for coercing so many Mersey Virgins to LH3 and Dick Licker Snicker for getting soooo lost on the last hash.

Please note the Viking Themed ON ON Dinner which was provisionally planned for November will now NOT be taking place, the venue has closed.

A Rambo Hare is required for the next Hash October 26th Loo Seeker has already sorted out the route and will sweep the Wimps but is looking for a volunteer to set the trail and sweep the Rambos.  Please contact HCM if you can do this. Hares are required for future hash’s If anyone is able and would like to volunteer to be a Hare please email Hoochie Coochie Man at keithbliss77@gmail.com

On On