Hash Report #837 – January 14, 2017

A beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon attracted a large turnout of 62 hashers, including 18 Virgins, to the church in Ulgueira for a very challenging (up and down over rough, rocky terrain) hash. The Hares, Fast Finnish and Sizzling Hot, sent the hashers in a south-westerly direction towards Cabo da Roca then north along the coast towards Praia da Adraga before returning inland to Ulgueira. The Wimps route included elevation ‘ups and downs’ of approximately 215m. There were many stunning viewpoints especially around the Roche da Ursa area.

Visitors to LH3:
Daffydildo and Doggystyle from the UK. (Ron and Nicole Garbarini)

Aboud, Dylan; Aboud, Kieran; Anderson, Camilla; Anderson, Martin: Belo, Jose; Carvalho, Alexandra; Dupont, Alix; Engholm, Ase; Engholm, Michael; Engholm, Oliver; Hedrick, Krystal Lynn; Homer, Rich; Luoma, Linnea; Luoma, Kirsi; Luoma, Pekka; Mann, Bernado; Mierke, Flo; Zewde, Rachel

Firefarter, Misdirected, Fishfingerer, Ass I Move, Baroness von S-I-O, Breast Stroker, Crude Celt, Master Chef, No Moor, Not in Charge. Pecker Checker, Rubber Pecker, Special K, Nelson Clark, Virginia Clark, David Mendes, Christina Oliveira, Thomas Stark (variable hash name…)

Ass I Move – 10, Breaststroker – 50, Captain America – 70, Fast Finnish – 65, Hoochie Coochie Man – 141, Lucky 7 – 11

The Circle was a cacophonous affair with the large turnout and inordinate number of Virgins. The turnout quickly depleted the Biermeisters supplies and reserve beer and wine had to be purchased from a local retail outlet providing a strong economic stimulus for the village.



Hash #837

Hash #837