52 Hashers met at Estadio Nacional for a rather wet, hilly and what turned out to be slightly confrontational Hash with the Stadium’s staff!

Pilot Light and Out of Gas set the trail, which was a just under 12k for the Rambos and 6k for the Wimps. The “confrontational” issue started with the Stadium Staff seeming to object to us running through and around the Stadium despite Pilot Light checking ahead that this was a public place and it would not be a problem. Some Hasher’s were refused entry but using their Hash initiative they found their way back to the circle.

Due to the pouring rain and windy conditions, hash initiative was once again put to use by setting up the circle in a small undercover area in the park grounds. Unfortunately the park security guard took offence at this and requested we move – so we duly did and undeterred continued hash business in the wet car park.

Confuzeus acted as Hash Master, Hoochie Coochie Man stepped in as Spiritual Advisor.

Virgins: 13 Virgins were welcomed: Caroline McKay, Sonny & Gina LeMaster, Henrik Koivisto, Eva Mandel, Manuela Matteo & friend Doutel, Susan Roseler, David & Rita Seabra, Stephanie & Leo Pisapia & Katie Maudin.

Retornados:  Bedhanger, Headbanger, Bee Gulper, Tchim Tchim, Pistil, Stamen, What a Banker, Brigittte, Leo, Clovis, Lilou Autin.

Birthdays:  Boomerang (345), Bizzie Knickers (20) Fast Finnish (66) Pilot Light (44) F2M2 (22) Headbanger (33) & What a banker (10)

Namings:  Three namings were quickly agreed. For our Canadian visitors, Cynthia & Steve Guerin, parents of Moose Grip & in laws to Fallen Maple they have appropriately been named, and from this day forth Cynthia will be known as Silver Maple and Steve as Silver Moose. Chris Poppleton, husband of Sizzling Hot is now known as Sizzling Knot.

Misdemeanours: No misdemeanours reported.

The next Hash will be Saturday February 11thrd and be hared by No Moor & Misdirected. If you are interested in setting a hash and please contact the Hare Raiser “Pilot Light”.

Advance Notice: Away Hash April 8th Winery Tour. There has been discussion about organising an away Hash and a small group from the MMC has checked out Manz Wines which is located in Chereiros, just before Mafra. More details will follow at the next Hash.

On On – Corkscrew