HARES: Pilot Light and Wrecking Ball set an extremely well marked hash, enjoyed by about 40 hashers, starting on Estrada do Penedo in Parque Forestal de Monsanto. The trails explored many areas from Universidade de Lisboa in the south to trails north of the A5 motorway.

VIRGINS: Margaret and Peter Kutzunova; Gary Brown; Geir, Katie, Alex, and Sophie Torńes; Angela Turner; John Duggan; Raili Cardamone

RETORNADOS: Soixante, Virgina and Nelson Clarke, Camilla and Martin Anderson, Flatpack, Fish Fingerer, Finnking, Kingkey

BIRTHDAYS: Confuzeus – 115, Pistil – 10, Stamen – 10, Special K – 11, Wrecking Ball – 15, Roaming Queen – 22, Sizzling Hot – 15

RE-NAMING: Kingkey is now to be called MISS MASS

March 11 – St. Patrick’s Day Hash with Hares Boomerang and Confuzeus
March 25 – Knot so Hot and Wrecking Ball
APRIL 8 – Special away Wine Tasting Hash in the beautiful village of Cheleiros, just south of Mafra.




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