St. Patrick’s Day Hash

Hares: The meeting point for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Hash was Praça Dom Fernando II in São Pedro de Sintra where 45 hashers, experiencing weather much cooler than Cascais, followed trails set by Hare Emeritus Boomerang and his flour carrying sidekick Confuzeus. The generally flat route (ha!) headed west up to the walls of the Moorish Castle, descended into the historic centre of Sintra, headed east across the main road to take in the windmill and cemetery then returned westerly back to the starting point. The entire hash had many viewpoints.
The number 45 includes a few Canadians who got lost finding the start location so essentially completed ‘half-a-hash’.

Virgins: Kian, Attie and Teaghan Murphy (St. Patrick’s Day after all), Beatrice Castro and Don Smale.

Retornados: Bed Hanger, Bizzie Knickers, Fallen Maple, F2M2, Innerknickers, King Vasa, Lucky 7, Neptunia, No Service, Party Pants

Birthdays: Bed Hanger – 15, Crude Celt – 10, Head Banger – 35, Innerknickers – 20, King Vasa – 25, Lord Egg – 141, Neptunia – 10, No service – 10, Pistil – 11, Stamen – 11

The Circle: To mark St. Patrick’s Day, Miss Directed provided LH3 with some craft beer from Passarola Brewing, a small craft brewing operation, in which he has a part interest. The beer was enjoyed by all who sampled with hashers purchasing a few extras for home consumption.

(Hash Master, Hash Cash, Hare, Hash Scribe, beer wrangler, nice guy)