Lisbon Hash House Harriers 30th Birthday Hash and AGPU

Hares and Trail: The meeting point for the Hash was the home of Depth Charge and Not In Charge.  The new road layout in the area gave some of the 60 hashers additional driving and navigation practice but hashers are resourceful, so no problem.

This special 30th birthday trail was set by two of LH3’s most experienced hares Boomerang and Depth Charge.  The route, heading around Aldeia de Juso and Areia, included 2 Rambo loops and the weather gods provided a nice cooling breeze.  The Aboud family, self-confessed “always late”, timed their arrival perfectly to join the trail after all the check points had be opened.  In contrast, it seems as if Pilot Light couldn’t wait to finish the trail and stopped early.  Falling at the first checkpoint, he went to hospital for some care and attention.  Not deterred by the 5 stitches in his chin, Pilot Light returned to the BBQ to participate in the festivities.  A true blue hasher through and through.

The Hash Circle was ably overseen by No Moor, another of LH3’s more experienced hashers.

Virgins:Felipe Vieira, Isabel Vieira, Alex Lydall, Margarida Erikson, Roger Erikson and Jerry de Melo.

Retornados: Polecat (last hash 611), Venta (last hash 350) and Windy (last hash 348) returned to the hash after a long absence.  They were very welcome and hopefully they will not stay away so long.

Rebeca Nutt, Elle T Shirt, Fast Finnish, Flying Mum, Graphic Exposure, Icepyck, Master Chef, Miss Directed, Out of Gas, Silver Maple, Silver Moose, Wannabet, Welsh Rarebok, Zoom, Sonny LeMaster, Gina LeMaster, Don Smale and the Aboud family were also welcomed back.

Birthdays: Pilot Light 50.  He was given a special T Shirt in recognition of this fine achievement.

Bizzie Knickers 25, Depth Charge 222, Fast Finnish 70, Graphic Exposure 40, Lord Egg 145, Lucky 7 15, Miss Directed 35

No Names Sonny LeMaster, Aidan Aboud, Taylor Aboud and Kristian Aboud.

Namings: After very little discussion, Rebeca Nutt was named Wine-A-Lot, because she declared that she ‘drinks wine a lot’ and keeping the drinking theme, but with a Russian twist, Margaret Kytuzova was named Hashtrovia

Misdemeanours: Amongst many who were seen to break hash rules (but there are no rules I hear you shout!), Party Pants was challenged for snogging (not sure why that is bad) and Pilot Light was punished for running Out of Gas then crash landing.

Thanks: to all Hashers for joining in, bringing so many delicious dishes to share, helping in many different ways, and making the 30th birthday celebration a success.  Additional thanks to the hosts, Depth Charge and Not In Charge; the hash grillers Graphic Exposure and Suck My Air; haberdasher Out Of Gas for organising the T shirts; stand in Hash Master No Moor; stand in Beer Meisters Out Of Gas and Not In Charge; and finally the Hares Depth Charge and Boomerang for yet another great trail.

Annual General Piss Up (AGPU): Quite of lot of shoving and cajoling resulted in the following hashers agreeing to be part of the mismanagement team for the coming year.

Hash Master                    Wrecking Ball

Beer Meisters                   Blue Balls and Zoom

Hash Scribe                       Corkscrew

Religious Advisor              Depth Charge

Hare Raiser                         Pilot Light

Hash Haberdasher           Out of Gas

Hash Cash                           Not In Charge

Hash Flash

Hash Geek                          Immaculate Misconception (in absentia)

Note that we do not have an official Hash Flash.  Photos from all are appreciated.

Many thanks to Confuzeus who was acting Hash Master during the winter, and King Vasa and Roaming Queen who as Beer Meisters have looked after our refreshment needs so well all year.

Next Hash: Summer Solstice hash with breakfast to follow.  Look out for details on the web page and Facebook.

Not In Charge