Summer Solstice Hash

A fabulous turnout for the Summer Solstice Hash, 40 Rambo’s and Wimps met up in Cascais to experience the wonderful sun rise over Cascais bay.

Pilot Light & Depth Charge were Hares for this mid-summer event and set an enjoyable 11.5km route for the Rambo’s which included 3 loops, and a 7km trail for the Wimps. Setting a live hash does present some challenges but as both PL and DC are fit and experienced Rambo’s there was little chance of them being caught, the only real contest was getting to the markings before the early morning street cleaners washed and blew the trail away!

Our newly appointed Hash Master, Wrecking Ball did a great job, keeping the circle well organised. He was ably assisted by Not in Charge and Zoom lubricating Hashers with Bucks Fizz & Beer.

Virgins: 3 Virgins were welcomed: Josh Hill, Isabella Casario and Nelly Cojocari

Retornados:  Lorraine Pritt, Tony Mortimer, Danielle Duarte, Port, Stilton, Sizzling Hot, Sizzling Knot, Lone Star, Baron von Jockstrap, Baroness von Strap it On

Namings: Mark Reed was up for his naming, and not before time as this was his 6th Hash in 2 years … apparently he likes to pace himself! The self-confessed retired military man, ex- Royal Navy with specialist interests in meteorology and as we observed in the circle, appears to need to keep his hands in his shorts playing “Pocket Billiards” we had a number of options to consider. Eventually these were shortlisted to: Wet & Windy, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, Weather Vain but given the hand actions and weather connections we decided on Weather Cock.

Misdemeanours: No misdemeanours reported as we were all keen to go for an On On breakfast that has been so well organised by Not in Charge and Out of Gas, on behalf of everyone thankyou both.  The Palm Tree did a super buffet breakfast, of fresh fruit, yogurts, bacon, scrambled eggs, French toast and a selection of breads and pastries.

The next Hash will be Saturday July 1st when we will be celebrating Canada Day. Our Canadian Hashers, Fallen Maple, Moose Grip and Moose Milk are kindly hosting a Burger BBQ at their home: Address Location: Lot 13 Antonio Lobo Antunes, Murches


On On – Corkscrew