Canada Day Hash

On July 1st Canada celebrates the day Nova Scotia & New Brunswick, Ontario (then Upper Canada) & Quebec (then lower Canada) came together in 1867. The rest of the provinces soon followed suit, and in true LH3 style if there is anything to celebrate we will join in!

Our native Canadians Moose Grip, Fallen Maple and Moose Milk opened up their home and garden for an On On Burger Feast to honour their country’s special day, but before burgers and beer could be consumed the 66 hashers had to complete the rural trail that our hares had set.

Wreaking Ball and Crude Celt did a great job setting 3 loops for Rambo’s to give them an 11k challenge and a respectable and hilly 7k trail for the Wimps. Most of the hashers completed the routes without incident but there was a short trip to A & E for one of the Aboud Boys who suffered a nasty gash to his knee but all is fine, and there was a rumour that one Wimp called a taxi to get herself back for the circle or was it for the delicious homemade Moose Milk made by Moose Grip.

Hashers like the Canadians like their beer, in fact there was a close emergency when stocks nearly ran out but thanks to Not in Charge and Corkscrew with a quick dash to the supermarket ensured everyone stayed hydrated!

Virgins: 13 Virgins were welcomed, mostly of Canadian nationality but not all: Audrey Willet, Miles Leggett, Marvin Scott, Trish Scott, Julie Serran, Yurah Robidas, Angela Guettler, Ayesha Lobo, Malvika Lobo, Stuart Moore, Tanya Peintel & Daihla

Retornados:  G. String, Sunflower, Bed Hanger, Crude Celt, Flying Dane, Moose Milk, Nepturia, No Service, Tutu Much, Ginelle Elliott, Susy Koeren, Katie Mauldin, Attie Murphey, Teaghan Murphey, Kian Murphey, Maggie Sawyer, Frank Sawyer, Pippa Sawyer

Birthdays: There was special mention for Flying Dane who has now reached 100, Corkscrew (150) Moose Grip (55) Nepturia (11) No Moor (445) No Service (11) and Out of Gas (45)

Namings:The Aboud family … all 7 of them were named, Kristian is now known as Rebound, Mary is Mothership, Aidan is Pathfinder, Taylor name is Lock ‘n’ Load, Kieran was delighted with his new naming of Loose Cannon, Dylan will be Great Guns, and baby Caelan is Long Shot. We are delighted to have the “Rebound” family as part of LH3.

Misdemeanours: Sunflower & G-String were singled out for attending the hash on their wedding anniversary rather than doing something more romantic!

The next Hash will be Saturday July 15th

On On – Corkscrew