Forty Eight hashers participated in Hash #850 which was set in the Sintra countryside by hares of the day Pilot light and Rebound and assisted by apprentice hares Lock N Load and his brother Path Finder.

Starting from Mulha Dam, a steep trail with a variety of stunning hash view points and passages of shade to give light relief from the 29 degree heat was set, providing 3 loops to total 12km for Rambo’s and 6km for Wimps.

No Moor did a sterling job as acting Hash Master, and new Beer Meister Blue Balls delighted hashers with providing Pimms and Lemonade in abundance.

Depth Charge in his capacity as RA welcomed visiting Hasher, Babby Dick aka Spaceman who currently lives in Berlin, originates from Taiwan and is visiting Lisbon to attend a work related conference.

Virgins: 9 Virgins were introduced to the Hash, mostly recruited by Miss Google: Johan Lundbeig, Wiley Lundquist, Jaques Peziel, Barney Hampson, Suzanne Hampson, Felix Hampson, Jasper Hampson, Gunilla Jeppsson, & Peter Jeppsson.

Retornados:  Can Can, BP, Charlie, Bardess, Captain America, Fast Finnish, Innerknickers, Lord Egg, Miss Google, Suck My Air, Sonny Le Master, Caroline McKay

Birthdays: Corkscrew (151) Blue Balls (20) Crude Celt (15) Depth Charge (225) Flying Dane (101) Party Pants (70) & Roaming Queen (28)

Namings: Sonny Le Master, who is US Military Airforce, and an experienced pilot of several different aircraft including KT 121’s (Of which I know very little about) was named “Tanka Wanka”

Misdemeanours: A group of Wimp hashers, who were not paying sufficient attention to the markings, had to be rescued by the hares and bought back to the correct route, all hashers safely accounted for!.

The next Hash will be Saturday July 29th

On On – Corkscrew