Hash 851 started from Capuchos Car Park. Most of us had left a very sunny and hot Cascais to the low cloud, cool & slightly damp climate of the Sintra hills to complete the excellent trail that our Hares; Depth Charge and Boomerang set for us.

A great turnout of 66 Wimps and Rambo’s completed the routes which comprised of 6 (and a bit) km loop for Wimps and toddlers and a 10.5km trail for the Rambo’s. The Hares thoughtfully included a choice of 3 additional loops as part of the Rambo route which gave those faster paced Wimps the opportunity to increase their step count for the day.

Whilst the Rambo trial was set to be 10.5km most of us running did considerably more due to the sneaky back tracks that were laid, but it did ensure the pack (mostly) stayed together.

Oval kindly acted as Hash Master for the circle, special thanks and recognition was given to two new volunteers; Rebound as Hash Griller and Lucky 7 as Hash Trash.

Virgins: 8 Virgins were welcomed: Colette Gilmour, Paddy Forbutt, Miriam Renzi, Ricardo Renzi, Theo Northcliff, Freddy Northcliff, Ruth Gilligan & Alexander Gitner.

Retornados:  Baronetta, Anna Goodwin, Chris Northcliff, Also Ran, Foxy Finn Mag Missile, Hole in One, King Vasa, Not Tonight & Oval

Birthdays: B P (15), Captain America (80), Can Can (11) G String (28) Hoochie Coochie Man (151) King Vasa (30) Not In Charge (240) & Sunflower (80)

Namings: The Murphy tribe which consisted of Kian Murphy, father of Attie & Teaghan were named together with their loyal dog Millie. Kian, a Royal Marine by profession was after some debate named Go Commando (There was quite a lot of discussion about Marines and ladies underwear  … apparently RM are notorious for having a fetish for Janet Reger lacy garments!) Foxy Finn Mag Missile, a good friend of Attie & Teaghan helped the naming process with his additional knowledge of their extracurricular activities, mostly music and band practice related so in future Attie will be known as Crazy Bass & Teaghan an enthusiastic drummer as Ringo.  Millie the dog due to her French heritage has the hash name of La Crappeuse.

Misdemeanours: Nothing of significance was reported.

We need Hares for future Hashes, please contact Pilot Light if you are interested in setting a Hash Trail, if you are new to this, don’t worry we will pair you up with an experienced Hare but if we don’t get volunteers to set a trail there will be no Hash.

The next Hash will be Saturday August 12th, 2017

On On – Corkscrew