48 Hashers turned up to enjoy the “Jurassic” trail excellently set by our hares; Pilot Light and Out of Gas.

Hash 852 kicked off from Adraga Beach carpark with a rather demanding sandy hill climb to start the route which led to stunning views of the beach, ocean and Sintra hills. The 10km Rambo and 6km Wimp trail took in Praia Grande, a popular surfing beach on the western edge of the Serra de Sintra national park, and led us up the hill, past Europe’s largest salt water swimming pool, and along the coast line cliffs to see the most amazing fossilized dinosaur foot prints.

Whilst the Rambo’s completed their 3 loops and Wimps navigated the Colares countryside, Hash Griller Rebound and his able assistants, Lock ‘N’ Load, Pathfinder, Loose Cannon & Great Guns prepared a meat fest BBQ on the beach for our return, which was appropriately recognised with a new hash rendition of “We’ll Meet (Meat get it?) Again!  Thanks so much to all the Rebound family for this tasty Burgers & Sausages, and to Beer Mersisters, Blue Balls and Zoom for the generous provision of beer and wines, despite your bad backs!

Thanks to Pilot Light, who took on the additional responsibility of Hash Master for the occasion, Roaming Queen  as Hash Cash and Hoochie Coochie Man stood in as Religious Advisor.

Visitors to LH3: Happy Ending and Billy Elliot from the French Riviera Hash joined us for their first Portuguese hash experience.

Virgins: 9 Virgins were welcomed to the hash Fergus and Rory McKay sons of Crude Celt. Scholes family, Phil (brother of Caroline..wife of Crude Celt) his wife Linda and children Tiegan and Freya, Jan Chris Plieger, Marine Banchery & Christian Yarwoo

Retornados:  Bad Hare Day, Finn Her, Finn Him, Fire Walker, Forgetmenot, Graphic Exposure, Zoom, Under the Barr and Craig Anderson

Birthdays: Blue Balls (22), Fin Her (10), Flying Mum (180), Master Chef (65) Rebound (10) Pathefinder (10), Lock N Load (10), Zoom (15) Roaming Queen (30) Caroline Scholes/No Name (5)

Namings: No namings on this occasion.

Misdemeanours: Rambo No.5 & Flying Dane for wearing Budgie Smugglers, Hoochie Coochie Man for Alcohol Abuse,  & Fire Walker for watering the undergrowth.

We need Hares for next 2 Hashes, please contact Pilot Light if you are interested in setting a Hash Trail, if you are new to this, don’t worry we will pair you up with an experienced Hare but if we don’t get volunteers to set a trail there will be no Hash.


Beermesiters Blue Balls and Zoom are away for the next Hash, Bad Hare Day has volunteered to help in their absence.


The next Hash will be Saturday August 26th 2017


On On – Corkscrew