Hares and Trail: Fifty Four hashers came to enjoy the trail set by virgin Hares Go Commando, Crazy Base, Ringo and La Crappeuse.  The extended team was essential as Go Commando was working with one arm in a sling – apparently a biking accident was responsible.  Happily La Crappeuse did not eat the flour trail on her way round, as is the habit of many hash hounds.  The ably set trail, with three Rambo loops, took hashers around the Guincho area and allowed everyone the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent views of Cascais wonderful coastline.  Some even stopped on the way to take in the view (see Misdemeanours).

The Hash Circle was ably overseen by stand in Hash Master, Oval.

Visitors to LH3:  Lesbie Friends, Slippery Punt Thomas Murray and Not Half Bad.  According to Boomerang, our unofficial hash archivist, “our visitor from Madrid at yesterday’s hash, Not Half Bad, aka Malachy Murphy, had his first hash with LH3 on 3 Jul 1993 (Hash #163), and his last on 11 Sep 1993 (Hash #168), with a total of 5 runs. Hence, yesterday was his 6th run with LH3 and he should have been named! Also, during his time with LH3, he must have first met our No Moor (virgin on Hash #167) and Bardess (virgin on Hash #168)”.

Virgins:.Erica Walker, Jasmine Walker, Jake Walker, Matt Walker and David Farrell.  We hope you all walk or run with LH3 again soon.

Retornados: Annabel Everett, Helena Everett, Michael Everett, Coco Everett, Ben Everett, Amanda Purdon, Breastroker, Rarely Cums, Sassie Lassie, What A Banker, Gary Brown, Ginnelle Elliott, Pippa Elliott Sawyer and Maggie Elliott Sawyer.


Birthdays: Also Ran 85, Bad Hare Day 272, Bardess 540, Lock and Load 11, Loose Cannon 10, Lucky Seven 20, Master Chef 66, Not Tonight 123, Path Finder 11, Pilot Light 55, Rarely Cums 10 and Rebound 11.

No Name Michael Everett.

Misdemeanours: Amongst many who were seen to break hash rules (but there are no rules I hear you shout!), Lesbie Friends was punished for peeing whilst on the trail!  Doesn’t seem fair to do this to a visiting hasher.  Depth Charge and Pilot Light ignored the carefully laid flour trail and short-cutted to join the Wimps.  Were they feeling lonely?  Several other hashers, who will not be named to save them from embarrassment, were seen sipping afternoon tea at the Cresmina Dunes Café instead of being out on the trail.  Surely a misdemeanour of the highest order.

Thanks: to stand in Beermeister, Bad Hare Day who was ably assisted by Party Pants.  Oval for being Hash Master for the day.  Graphic Exposure and Breastroker for taking fabulous photos and sharing them on the LH3 Facebook page – take a look.


Next Hash: Red Dress Hash.  Wear a red dress and prepare to be seen.  Prizes for the best dressed hashers.  All proceeds going to Bombeiros Voluntários.  Look out for details on the web page and Facebook.

Not In Charge