34 Hashers & 2 dogs (Coffee & Cookie) participated in the annual Red Dress Hash, in aid of the most deserving Bombeiros Voluntários, which saw participants assembling at the public car park close to the old Cascais Bullring. Hashers were unmistakable in their red attire, many of the men competing more fiercely than the opposite sex to look all the more alluring. Before departing on their live Hash, Hare Depth Charge explained the markings to newcomers then he & his fellow Hare, Master Chef, departed to set Cascais ablaze with their respective Rambos & Wimps trails.

Some minutes later, the pack set off to find the routes & were immediately confused by markings that appeared to be sending Hashers in a continuous loop. Thanks to Flying Mum’s sister, who was lurking in the vicinity, we were directed onto the trail which sent us down Av 25de Abril & Wimps directly into the heart of Cascais, Rambos taking the first of their loops before arriving there.

An optional beer stop had been arranged in Cascais square, where some Hashers quenched their thirst. The route then headed towards Cascais Marina & along the ciclovia towards Boco do Inferno. En route, some of us were entertained by a marching band, complete with bagpipe players which emerged from Park Marechal Carmona & crossed into the marina. Rambos caught up with Wimps near the Boco market, after which we turned inland to approach Eurostars Cascais Hotel before accessing the car park by a pedestrian only access.

While one notable Hasher, in particular, had completed a token route then waited patiently for the pack to return to the start, the remainder made it back within a reasonable time of each other, allowing for some convivial socializing before HM Wrecking Ball opened the circle.

Hares: First up were the Hares, to whom appreciation was duly acknowledged with a customary down-down. Visitors form Perth, Australia Brave Fart (via Milngavie, Scotland) & Megan Clark were welcomed before it was the turn for Virgins to LH3: Cristiano Matos & Gabriela Prada (aka Eagel Leaver & Dracula does Prada from Luanda H3).

Retornados & birthdays: Next it was the turn of Retornados: Finnking, Miss Google, Suck my Air, Wrecking Ball, Olgita Edmeades, Johan Lundberg, João-Maria Pinto Marques, Catarina Pinto Marques & Christopher Tilly. Following them came Hash birthdays, namely: Boomerang 360, Flying Mum 181, Graphic Exposure 44, King Vassa 33, Lucky 7 21, Miss Google 15, Not in Charge 242, Suck my Air 10, Wrecking Ball 22 & Christopher Tilly 5.

Sexy Purse Contest: Eventually, it was time for the contest to select the most attractively-attired male Hasher, Wrecking Ball absenting himself from the competition to direct the voting. Depth Charge, Bad Hare Day, King Vassa, Master Chef & Cristiano Matos were among the contenders. King Vassa was acclaimed the outright winner & the recipient of the Sexy Purse. Depth Charge was heard to grumble that he’d never won it, despite his sexy bra, thong & garter. Perhaps he was simply jealous that his mother had been the first Hasher to be awarded the coveted prize!

Unexpectedly to her, in a reviravolta, an extraordinary special award to enhance male prowess was presented, not to one of the male Hashers, but Not in Charge who had been responsible for its procurement. Hares were solicited for the next Hash & an away Hash in Tomar/Constancia (20-22 Oct) was announced. Bad Hare Day & the Charges (Not In & Depth) must be acknowledged for their substitute Beer Meister duties once again, especially the red-themed refreshments & snacks (sangria, water-melon & lollipops) purchased by Not in Charge.

Bardess (substitute Hash Scribe)