Lisbon Hash House Harriers Away Hash Constância – with Surrey H3

Pre-trail Outing: The Away Hash Adventure began with a visit to Almourol Castle, which is on a small island in the middle of the Tejo. A short boat ride took the assembled 28 Lisbon hashers to the beautifully maintained castle. With perfect timing, of course, Surrey hashers arrived at the island just as LH3 were leaving, meaning there was time for a relaxing coffee before heading to the lunch venue in the centre of Constância.

Hares and Trail: Hares Boomerang, Hoochie Coochie Man, Corkscrew and Helio provided the hashers from Lisbon and Surrey with 3 route choices, Rambo, Wimp and Cultural, through the centre of Constância and its surroundings. Hashers were able to enjoy views of Constância including the confluence of the Tejo and Zezere and perfect weather conditions gave wonderful photo opportunities.
Virgins: Helio – also Virgin Hare.

Retornados: Blue Balls, Corkscrew, Depth Charge, Elle T Shirt, Fast Finnish, Finn Her, Hoochie Coochie Man, Icepyck, Sizzling Hot!, Sizzling Not, Zoom, Annabel Everett, Michael Everett, Ben Everett, Coco Everett, Helena Everett, Maria Kolosova and Misha Gatsuts.

Birthdays: Boomerang 363, Crude Celt 20, Icepyck 110, Sizzling Not 10, Breastroker 60, Michael Everett 6 (naming next time).

Terrestrial Birthdays: Coco Everett’s 8th birthday on 22 October and Boomerang on 19 October (didn’t disclose his age)

Namings: Virgin Helio, who helped hare the hash was named Javeli in recognition of his interest in wild boar.

On On Dinner: Hashers don’t stop partying for long, so in proper hash tradition, everyone joined together for a splendid On On Dinner at Quinta de Santa Bárbara. Hats and unusual headgear were the order of the evening, resulting in a variety of special creations. Hashers are a talented lot, and we were appropriately entertained in a variety of ways. Serenaded by Hornblower, affronted by RHUM who stripped down to his ‘pinny’ (and not much else), and Depth Charge who mastered the disco music. A grand time was had by all.

Hashers clearly have wide ranging interests, so when Sizzling Knot declared that this was the night to watch for the Orionid Meteor Shower, several LH3 members took up positions around the Quinta de Santa Bárbara pool to gaze at the night sky. We were not disappointed and espied several meteors passing through. When other hashers gave up because of the cold air Sizzling Knot and Sizzling Hot! decided to stay on for a bit longer – but this turned out to be longer than anticipated. Finding themselves locked out of their room, they curled up in the car for the night. The special headgear came in useful for keeping extremities warm!

Thanks: to the organisers of the event. Hares Boomerang, Houchie Coochie Man, Corkscrew, Elle T Shirt and Icepyck for making recce visits to ensure a magnificent trail, lunch and liaising with the Quinta.
Special Award and Thanks: to Boomerang. This was his last hash hare for LH3 before he moves back to Australia. As a small token of our appreciation, LH3 gave Boomerang a T Shirt to mark the occasion – Hare Extraordinaire 67 times, Hash Historian, Tip Top Topographer and all round good guy.

Not In Charge