Lisbon Hash House Harriers Away Hash Constância Recovery Run

Pre Trail Visit: LH3 hashers transferred from Quinta de Santa Bárbara to Camping Redondo, the start point for the recovery run, taking in the beautiful scenery on the way. There was even time to stop to admire the Castelo de Bode reservoir and marvel that there is still any water in it.

Hares and Trail: The trail started, according to Surrey H3 tradition, at 11.00 sharp! But we had a nice cup of coffee first, so actually started late. Hares were Atlanta (SH3) and Javali – can’t stop him now. Something a bit different for LH3 hashers this time – only one flour blob to look for after a checkpoint, and no Rambo loops, though there was a planned short cut for those who had partied too hard the night before. The route was swept by Atlanta and RHUM (of Saturday night fame). This was an up hill and down dale trail, with two beer stops (Javali was somehow involved in this too) on the way and trials bikes to just add a bit of excitement.

Birthdays: Corkscrew 155, Crude Celt 21, Depth Charge 230, Elle T Shirt 44, Houchie Coochie Man 155, Icepyck 111, Not In Charge 245, Sizzling Knot 11 and Out of Gas 50. She says that she doesn’t like our 50th birthday T Shirst – perhaps it’s time for a change.

Terrestrial Birthdays: Birthday Boy today was MFI (77) who went swimming as his birthday treat. Not sure that he had planned it that way though.

Misdemeanours: Sizzling Hot! and Sizzling Knot for getting locked out of their bedroom. Blue Balls, Out of Gas and Zoom for getting a lift back in the beer wagon.

Thanks: Elle T Shirt and Icepyck for their splendid hospitality and Surrey H3 including us in their fun.

Not In Charge