Hares and Trail: Forty five hashers met at Santuario da Peninha, Sintra for Boomerang’s 365th and Farewell hash.  Pilot Light & Out of Gas were excellent hares and set a gruelling 11k for the Rambos and a slightly less elevated route of 6k for the Wimps. A number of stunning hash view points provided spectacular coastline scenery from the rocky, wind blasted location.

Hoochie Coochie Man kindly took care of the duties of Hash Master and Religious Adviser. He smoothly oversaw the circle to ensure that no one caught pneumonia from the wet and windy climate, that Boomerang was rightly acknowledged for his amazing contribution to LH3 and that those hashers who had Halloween parties to attend, would have sufficient time to prepare their ghoulie costumes.

Virgins: Six Virgins in total, Rolfe Brandt and five from the Lopes family: Paulo, Vanessa, Costanca, Salvador and Afonso who were “recruited” by Miss Google and Suck My Air.

Retornados: An outstanding number of retornados who wanted to wish Boomerang all the very best: Ass I Move, Bad Hare Day, Baron Von Jockstrap, Baroness Von Strap It On, BP, Cayman Went, Cute Celt, Fallen Maple, Fire Farter, Forget Me Not, Foxy Finn Mag Missile, Lucky 7, Master Chef, Miss Google, Moose Grip, Moose Milk, Sassie Lassie, Soissant, Suck My Air, Mismatch, This Won’t Hurt, Neuf, Brown Noser, Oval, Not Tonight, Bardess, Crister Forsstroem, Linda Patient, Catarina Pinto Marques, Joao Maria Pinto Marques

Birthdays: Blue Balls (25) Ass I Move (11) Bad Hare Day (275) Can Can (15) Crude Celt (22) Fallen Maple (50) Fast Finnish (75) Moose Milk (10) Suck my Air (11) & Boomerang (365)

Misdemeanours: Sizzling Hot for malfunctioning underwear, Pilot Light and Hoochie Coochie Man for flashing their bodies and Boomerang for leaving to return to Australia.

Thanks: to stand in Hash Cash Blue Balls.

Farewell: Cake and fizz were distributed to raise a toast to Boomerang who after 20 years of hashing with LH3 and 25 years of being based in Portugal is now returning to Australia with his gorgeous “Shelia” otherwise known as Pam. Boomerang has made an outstanding contribution to LH3 not only with the number of times he has hared, but also by sharing his knowledge and expertise of the area, writing and producing fantastic books recommending walks, and information on local flowers and plant life. You will be greatly missed but we do hope to see you again.

Next Hash: Hares for Saturday November 18th are Sizzling Hot & Sizzling Knot

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