Hares and Trail:  Virgin Hares, Sizzling Hot, Sizzling Knot, and son Craig Poppleton did a great job setting the trail of the “Two Towers” hash. Thirty five hashers gathered at Reservatorio de Janes (Water Tower) to enjoy a 6km wimp trail or 11km Rambo route covering the foothills of the Sintra Mountains and the stunning views from the Fire Tower on one of Sintra’s highest peaks.

Hoochie Coochie Man acted as stand in Hash Master. Depth Charge returned to his normal duties as Religious Adviser and welcomed 3 new Virgins.

Virgins: Birgitta Tilly Gunbring, Peter Gunbring and Jan Ritzer were first time visitors to LH3 and “recruited” by Hash Pimps ….Miss Google and Suck My Air.  We understand on good authority that Birgitta and Peter were in town to celebrate the forthcoming marriage between Miss Google and Suck My Air. Congratulations to you both wishing you every happiness.

Retornados: Captain America, Flatpack, Hole-in-One, King Vasa, Lord Egg, MisDirected, Roaming Queen, Nelly Brogita, Olgita Edmeads, Craig Poppleton & Buddy Marques.

Birthdays: Elle T. Shirt (45) Flatpack (105) Lucky 7 (25) Moose Milk (11) Pilot Light (60) Roaming Queen (33) Sizzling Hot (20)

Namings: One naming for Catarina Pinto-Marques whose hobbies include dancing, spinning and whose family regard her very much their little princess, so she was quickly and unanimously named as Princess Pirouetta.

Misdemeanours: Several misdemeanours were reported Out of Gas for short toilet break and constantly asking the hare about the right direction to at check points, King Vasa for inappropriate jokes (Thank you!) Mismatch for emerging from the bushes, MisDirected for losing his bearings, Elle T Shirt & Icepyke for choosing the wrong Janes to turn up and Peter Gunbring for wearing golf shoes.

Next Hash: Hares for Saturday December 2nd are MisDirected and MisMatch

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