Hares and Trail: Thirty Six hashers came to enjoy the trail set by Hares Mismatch and Miss Directed starting from Quinta do Pisão.

The Circle was ably managed by No Moor – very experienced (see number of birthdays below)

Visitors to LH3:  Miss Mozambique

Virgins: Claes Nordmark

Retornados: Under the Covers, Confuzeus, No Moor, Welsh Rarebok, What A Banker, Christopher Tilly, Jasmine Walker, Erica Walker, Matt Walker and Jake Walker.

Birthdays: Bardess (545), BP (20), King Vasa (35), No Moor (450), This Won’t Hurt (130) and Welsh Rarebok (11).

Namings: João Maria Pinto-Marques will henceforward be known as U Tuba and Christopher Tilly as Rock ‘n Rider

Thanks: to stand in Beermeister King Vasa and stand in Hash Cash Roaming Queen.

Jingle Bells Hash 16th December.  Join the festivities and an early start at 12.30.

(in absentia) Not In Charge