Jingle Bells Hash

Hares and Trail: Hoochie Coochie Man and Depth Charge set a scenic Jingle Bells hash taking in the beauty of the Guincho coast line.

Thirty Eight Hashers turned up at Fort da Gunicho, to start the trail at the earlier time of 1.00pm Wimps completed a 6.3km loop up to Malveria, whilst the Rambos had a 10km trail involving 2 loops navigating the narrow paths to Figueira do Guincho returning to Abano for festive Turkey Sandwiches and Mulled Wine.

The Circle Confuzeus kindly acted as Hash Master.

Virgins: Three virgins were welcomed by our Religious Advisor: Margaret Kelly, David Crombie and Luc Savy.

Retornados: Bad Hare Day, Baron Von Jockstrap, Baroness Von Strap It On, Baronetta, Brown Noser, Blue Balls, Zoom and Finnking.

Birthdays: Baroness V Strap it On (65) Brown Noser (20), Confuzeus (120), Depth Charge (232), MisMatch (220), Moose Grip (60), Sizzling Hot (22), Sizzling Knot (15), This Wont Hurt (131), Jake Walker (5) Matt walker (5) Erica walker (5) Jasmine Walker (5) Captain America (85)

Namings: There were no namings.

Misdemeanours: Flatpack, MisMatch and Captain America for late arrival, Zoom for carrying two bottles of water one still, one fizzy, Sizzling Knot for peeing en route, and Sizzling Hot for short cutting.

Please Note the next Hash #863 will be the Recovery Day Hash and take place on Monday January 1st at 11.00am.

Please check the LH3 Calendar and Face Book Page for the start location. There is no ON ON LH3 organised lunch this year.