Hares & trail: Following extensive communication via LH3 email list, MMC What’s App and doubtless many other conversations, No Moor stepped into the breach even offering to hare alone, until Miss Directed was co-opted for the task. No Moor returned from haring as the 22 Hashers had begun to assemble at Barragem da Mula, while Miss Directed completed his duties after the group had set off. Before doing so, No Moor had explained the complexities of a novel mark he’d introduced: the fish hook.

The Rambo route extending the main 6 km trail taken by the Wimps by a mere 3 km, the fish hook demanded that the first six Hashers reaching it had to backtrack by the number of marks indicated, thus forcing faster Hashers back into the main pack and keeping everyone closer together. However, this apparently ideal grouping technique depended on the honesty of the front individuals to implement the stated punishment. Perhaps their confusion following No Moor’s explanation of the fish hook’s implementation explained the lack of compliance!

The inclusion of a Runners loop was rewarded by three Rambos taking up the challenge: Neil Cummins accompanied by Miss Google and her sister. Miss Google having hashed infrequently of late following the birth of her daughter earlier this year, gave an outstanding performance. Also welcomed back on her feet, though with Walkers as opposed to Runners, was Fast Finnish who has endured intensive physiotherapy following surgery in April as the result of an injury sustained while ski-ing.

The route sent Hashers off alongside the barragem and through the woods before crossing the road and entering Quinta do Pisão where we observed different types of new fencing around some areas. With rain threatening, Walkers declined the R2 extension around the vegetable allotments, heading straight back to the cars.  No Moor was thanked for providing a convenient convenience within Pisão after which we admired the recent land art installation followed by a very stiff wild cat, its species being debated: was it Iberian lynx, ocelot, polecat or something else?

With the help of early arrivals, substitute Beer Mistress Not in Charge, who also stood in as Hash Pourer, had set out the refreshments by the time the last Hashers completed the trail. First in the circle, acting Hash Master No Moor serenaded himself and Miss Directed for their appreciation as Hares after soliciting comments about the route. Rambos insisted that their trail had exceeded the 9 km advised by a kilometre or two!

Virgins: No Moor welcomed Talia, Mila & Lisse Maritz, Brian & Noelene Cummins and Ingrid Tilly, each of whom explained where they were from and who was responsible for bringing them to the Hash, before consuming the obligatory down-down.

Retornados: Fast Finnish, Foxy Finn Mag Missile, Miss Google, Gideon & Dedrei Nell, Kath Skillern, Rosa Teixeira and Laila Tilly were appropriately penalised with a down-down.

Birthdays: Foxy Finn Mag Missile 35, Long Drop 10, Not in Charge 260 and Neil Cummins 5 took their punishment with pride.

Misdemeanours: It was debatable whether culpability lay with acting Hash Master No Moor for not advising them accordingly, or Gideon and Kath themselves (not being Virgins) for not observing Hash rules of no headgear in the circle. However, each of them accepted the penalty of another down-down.

Jingle Bells Hash Dec 15: Following the success of our donations of non-perishable foods at the Red Dress Hash, Bad Hare Day has requested we BYOB to the JB Hash in the shape of olive oil to be collected for distribution to the needy through CASA Cascais. Don’t forget – you have been warned!

Hares for next Hash: The Sizzlers