Hares and Trail: Special thanks to our four Virgin Hares; Lady Chatterley, Couch Potato, Gin & Toxic, and No Name Tim Bateman who volunteered to hare at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances when Sizzling Hot & Sizzling Knot were unable to Hare as planned.

The hares did a great job setting an offroad trail in an urban area covering Birre, Aeria and Aldeia du Juzo. Between the 54 hashers and 3 dogs they completed a 7km route for Wimps and 12km for Rambos.

Hash Master, Hoochie Coochie Man welcomed the following 8 Virgins: Richard Hickson, Andrew Hadlow, Natalia Iarkova, Matthew Aussaguel, Iram Clarkin, Eva riley, Liam Riley, Gabriella Gyllenhammar (apologies if the spelling in incorrect)

Retornados: Moose Grip, Flat Pack, F2M2, and Emilie Stark.

Birthdays: Couch Potato, Buba Gump, Spell It and Sin Gym all celebrated their 10th Hash Birthday.

Naming: Five naming’s took place, first Mike Postgate, a Major in the Royal Marines who with his wife Light My Fire  is expecting their first baby in July, several suggestions were put forward including Come on Baby, Peaks too Early, Comes Too late but the final vote agreed on Major Cock Up.  Next was Peter Curtis a passionate photographer who enjoys sailing, climbing, drinking and admits to losing quite a few things so he will now be known as Lost in a Flash.

Our proud Dutch Hasher, Caroline Brackel was the only lady to be named, and whilst she did promote the attributes of her native Netherlands, tulips, diamonds, cycling,  it was her love of Neil Diamond that led us to agree her Hash name would be Sweet Caroline

Paul Ferreira was the 4th to be named, born in Portugal, moved to the USA when he was young, lived in New York, had a career in the Army and loves fitness and taking care of himself will now be known as Egomania.

Finally the boisterous and comical Tim Bateman. Tim who originates from the cider county Somerset has a love of marmalade and telling jokes. A number of names were put forward including Paddington Bear, Pork n’ Cider, Lord Laugh A lot and Captain Chaos. However since Tim in not just a BA Captain but is also a pilot trainer, this new knowledge caused considerable concern and alarm within the group which resulted in his naming as They’ll Never Fly Again.

Special thanks Sweet Caroline and husband No Name Jan for filling in for Hash Trash.

Misdemeanours:  No Name Sarah Ward received a down down for taking her dog home and returning to the circle on her bike, and F2M2 also received a down down for cycling the complete hash course.

Next Hash:  Will take place on Saturday May 18th when Hares Moose Grip and visiting Hasher Loose Grip. Major Cock Up and Light My Fire have volunteered to hare the following Hash June 1st.

If you are interested and willing to set a Hash but would prefer to do with an experienced Hare, please let Sizzling Knot or Hoochie Coochie Man know and we can help.

Reminder: June 29th Summer Solstice Hash which is a 5.30 am meet ready for a 6.00am sun rise start. There will be an ON ON Breakfast that morning please let us know if you have any ideas/suggestions for the ON ON Breakfast location and if you plan to attend so we have an idea of numbers.

On On

Corkscrew acting as Hash Scribe on behalf of Bardess.