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Hash Report #850 – July 15th, 2017

20/07-2017 | No comments yet

Forty Eight hashers participated in Hash #850 which was set in the Sintra countryside by hares of the day Pilot light and Rebound and assisted by apprentice hares Lock N Load and his brother Path Finder.

Starting from Mulha Dam, a steep trail with a variety of stunning hash view points and passages of shade to give light relief from the 29 degree heat was set, providing 3 loops to total 12km for Rambo’s and 6km for Wimps.

No Moor did a sterling job as acting Hash Master, and new Beer Meister Blue Balls delighted hashers with providing Pimms and Lemonade in abundance.

Depth Charge in his capacity as RA welcomed visiting Hasher, Babby Dick aka Spaceman who currently lives in Berlin, originates from Taiwan and is visiting Lisbon to attend a work related conference.

Virgins: 9 Virgins were introduced to the Hash, mostly recruited by Miss Google: Johan Lundbeig, Wiley Lundquist, Jaques Peziel, Barney Hampson, Suzanne Hampson, Felix Hampson, Jasper Hampson, Gunilla Jeppsson, & Peter Jeppsson.

Retornados:  Can Can, BP, Charlie, Bardess, Captain America, Fast Finnish, Innerknickers, Lord Egg, Miss Google, Suck My Air, Sonny Le Master, Caroline McKay

Birthdays: Corkscrew (151) Blue Balls (20) Crude Celt (15) Depth Charge (225) Flying Dane (101) Party Pants (70) & Roaming Queen (28)

Namings: Sonny Le Master, who is US Military Airforce, and an experienced pilot of several different aircraft including KT 121’s (Of which I know very little about) was named “Tanka Wanka”

Misdemeanours: A group of Wimp hashers, who were not paying sufficient attention to the markings, had to be rescued by the hares and bought back to the correct route, all hashers safely accounted for!.

The next Hash will be Saturday July 29th

On On – Corkscrew

Hash Report #849 – July 1st, 2017

14/07-2017 | No comments yet

Canada Day Hash

On July 1st Canada celebrates the day Nova Scotia & New Brunswick, Ontario (then Upper Canada) & Quebec (then lower Canada) came together in 1867. The rest of the provinces soon followed suit, and in true LH3 style if there is anything to celebrate we will join in!

Our native Canadians Moose Grip, Fallen Maple and Moose Milk opened up their home and garden for an On On Burger Feast to honour their country’s special day, but before burgers and beer could be consumed the 66 hashers had to complete the rural trail that our hares had set.

Wreaking Ball and Crude Celt did a great job setting 3 loops for Rambo’s to give them an 11k challenge and a respectable and hilly 7k trail for the Wimps. Most of the hashers completed the routes without incident but there was a short trip to A & E for one of the Aboud Boys who suffered a nasty gash to his knee but all is fine, and there was a rumour that one Wimp called a taxi to get herself back for the circle or was it for the delicious homemade Moose Milk made by Moose Grip.

Hashers like the Canadians like their beer, in fact there was a close emergency when stocks nearly ran out but thanks to Not in Charge and Corkscrew with a quick dash to the supermarket ensured everyone stayed hydrated!

Virgins: 13 Virgins were welcomed, mostly of Canadian nationality but not all: Audrey Willet, Miles Leggett, Marvin Scott, Trish Scott, Julie Serran, Yurah Robidas, Angela Guettler, Ayesha Lobo, Malvika Lobo, Stuart Moore, Tanya Peintel & Daihla

Retornados:  G. String, Sunflower, Bed Hanger, Crude Celt, Flying Dane, Moose Milk, Nepturia, No Service, Tutu Much, Ginelle Elliott, Susy Koeren, Katie Mauldin, Attie Murphey, Teaghan Murphey, Kian Murphey, Maggie Sawyer, Frank Sawyer, Pippa Sawyer

Birthdays: There was special mention for Flying Dane who has now reached 100, Corkscrew (150) Moose Grip (55) Nepturia (11) No Moor (445) No Service (11) and Out of Gas (45)

Namings:The Aboud family … all 7 of them were named, Kristian is now known as Rebound, Mary is Mothership, Aidan is Pathfinder, Taylor name is Lock ‘n’ Load, Kieran was delighted with his new naming of Loose Cannon, Dylan will be Great Guns, and baby Caelan is Long Shot. We are delighted to have the “Rebound” family as part of LH3.

Misdemeanours: Sunflower & G-String were singled out for attending the hash on their wedding anniversary rather than doing something more romantic!

The next Hash will be Saturday July 15th

On On – Corkscrew


Hash Report #848 – June 17th, 2017

19/06-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #848 – June 17th, 2017

Summer Solstice Hash

A fabulous turnout for the Summer Solstice Hash, 40 Rambo’s and Wimps met up in Cascais to experience the wonderful sun rise over Cascais bay.

Pilot Light & Depth Charge were Hares for this mid-summer event and set an enjoyable 11.5km route for the Rambo’s which included 3 loops, and a 7km trail for the Wimps. Setting a live hash does present some challenges but as both PL and DC are fit and experienced Rambo’s there was little chance of them being caught, the only real contest was getting to the markings before the early morning street cleaners washed and blew the trail away!

Our newly appointed Hash Master, Wrecking Ball did a great job, keeping the circle well organised. He was ably assisted by Not in Charge and Zoom lubricating Hashers with Bucks Fizz & Beer.

Virgins: 3 Virgins were welcomed: Josh Hill, Isabella Casario and Nelly Cojocari

Retornados:  Lorraine Pritt, Tony Mortimer, Danielle Duarte, Port, Stilton, Sizzling Hot, Sizzling Knot, Lone Star, Baron von Jockstrap, Baroness von Strap it On

Namings: Mark Reed was up for his naming, and not before time as this was his 6th Hash in 2 years … apparently he likes to pace himself! The self-confessed retired military man, ex- Royal Navy with specialist interests in meteorology and as we observed in the circle, appears to need to keep his hands in his shorts playing “Pocket Billiards” we had a number of options to consider. Eventually these were shortlisted to: Wet & Windy, Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, Weather Vain but given the hand actions and weather connections we decided on Weather Cock.

Misdemeanours: No misdemeanours reported as we were all keen to go for an On On breakfast that has been so well organised by Not in Charge and Out of Gas, on behalf of everyone thankyou both.  The Palm Tree did a super buffet breakfast, of fresh fruit, yogurts, bacon, scrambled eggs, French toast and a selection of breads and pastries.

The next Hash will be Saturday July 1st when we will be celebrating Canada Day. Our Canadian Hashers, Fallen Maple, Moose Grip and Moose Milk are kindly hosting a Burger BBQ at their home: Address Location: Lot 13 Antonio Lobo Antunes, Murches


On On – Corkscrew

Hash Report #847 – 3 June 2017

09/06-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #847 – 3 June 2017

Lisbon Hash House Harriers 30th Birthday Hash and AGPU

Hares and Trail: The meeting point for the Hash was the home of Depth Charge and Not In Charge.  The new road layout in the area gave some of the 60 hashers additional driving and navigation practice but hashers are resourceful, so no problem.

This special 30th birthday trail was set by two of LH3’s most experienced hares Boomerang and Depth Charge.  The route, heading around Aldeia de Juso and Areia, included 2 Rambo loops and the weather gods provided a nice cooling breeze.  The Aboud family, self-confessed “always late”, timed their arrival perfectly to join the trail after all the check points had be opened.  In contrast, it seems as if Pilot Light couldn’t wait to finish the trail and stopped early.  Falling at the first checkpoint, he went to hospital for some care and attention.  Not deterred by the 5 stitches in his chin, Pilot Light returned to the BBQ to participate in the festivities.  A true blue hasher through and through.

The Hash Circle was ably overseen by No Moor, another of LH3’s more experienced hashers.

Virgins:Felipe Vieira, Isabel Vieira, Alex Lydall, Margarida Erikson, Roger Erikson and Jerry de Melo.

Retornados: Polecat (last hash 611), Venta (last hash 350) and Windy (last hash 348) returned to the hash after a long absence.  They were very welcome and hopefully they will not stay away so long.

Rebeca Nutt, Elle T Shirt, Fast Finnish, Flying Mum, Graphic Exposure, Icepyck, Master Chef, Miss Directed, Out of Gas, Silver Maple, Silver Moose, Wannabet, Welsh Rarebok, Zoom, Sonny LeMaster, Gina LeMaster, Don Smale and the Aboud family were also welcomed back.

Birthdays: Pilot Light 50.  He was given a special T Shirt in recognition of this fine achievement.

Bizzie Knickers 25, Depth Charge 222, Fast Finnish 70, Graphic Exposure 40, Lord Egg 145, Lucky 7 15, Miss Directed 35

No Names Sonny LeMaster, Aidan Aboud, Taylor Aboud and Kristian Aboud.

Namings: After very little discussion, Rebeca Nutt was named Wine-A-Lot, because she declared that she ‘drinks wine a lot’ and keeping the drinking theme, but with a Russian twist, Margaret Kytuzova was named Hashtrovia

Misdemeanours: Amongst many who were seen to break hash rules (but there are no rules I hear you shout!), Party Pants was challenged for snogging (not sure why that is bad) and Pilot Light was punished for running Out of Gas then crash landing.

Thanks: to all Hashers for joining in, bringing so many delicious dishes to share, helping in many different ways, and making the 30th birthday celebration a success.  Additional thanks to the hosts, Depth Charge and Not In Charge; the hash grillers Graphic Exposure and Suck My Air; haberdasher Out Of Gas for organising the T shirts; stand in Hash Master No Moor; stand in Beer Meisters Out Of Gas and Not In Charge; and finally the Hares Depth Charge and Boomerang for yet another great trail.

Annual General Piss Up (AGPU): Quite of lot of shoving and cajoling resulted in the following hashers agreeing to be part of the mismanagement team for the coming year.

Hash Master                    Wrecking Ball

Beer Meisters                   Blue Balls and Zoom

Hash Scribe                       Corkscrew

Religious Advisor              Depth Charge

Hare Raiser                         Pilot Light

Hash Haberdasher           Out of Gas

Hash Cash                           Not In Charge

Hash Flash

Hash Geek                          Immaculate Misconception (in absentia)

Note that we do not have an official Hash Flash.  Photos from all are appreciated.

Many thanks to Confuzeus who was acting Hash Master during the winter, and King Vasa and Roaming Queen who as Beer Meisters have looked after our refreshment needs so well all year.

Next Hash: Summer Solstice hash with breakfast to follow.  Look out for details on the web page and Facebook.

Not In Charge

Hash Report #843 – April 8th, 2017

07/05-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #843 – April 8th, 2017

Hash 843 was a Free Hash set in the lovely town of Cheleiros, a Portuguese parish of the municipality of Mafra. The area has a long history of royal connections and wine making which made it ideal for a Wine Tasting Hash.

Hares for the day were Confuzeus and Boomerang who set a scenic rural trail for the 36 Hashers that attended. Acting Hash Master Confuzeus conducted a short circle and then introduced the very knowledgeable Raul Silva who entertained us with the history of the area, and explained how Andre Manz, with his family arrived in Cheleiros, fell in love with the area, the people, and developed a passion for growing quality wines for his own, personal consumption.

Luckily for us, Andre business acumen and the enthusiasm of his team meant that Manz Wines has grown into a successful boutique winemaking business, and we were fortunate to taste the award winning wines that they make.  A very successful day indeed with hashers relaxed sipping the chilled Rose, full bodied Reds and delicious white wine “Dona Fatima” made from the exclusive Jampal grape.

Virgins: Eric Bazoin & Paula Martins

Retornados:  Flying Mum, Graphic Exposure, Loopy, Not Tonight, Hoochie Coochie Man, Corkscrew, Blue Balls, Zoom, Oval, Wannabet, Party Pants

Namings:  No naming’s this week.

Misdemeanours: No misdemeanours reported as Hashers were keen to start the serious business of wine tasting!

The next Hash will be Saturday April 22nd the hares are Pilot Light & Wrecking Ball. If you are interested in setting a hash and please contact the Hare Raiser “Pilot Light”.

On On – Corkscrew



Hash Report #842 – 25 March 2017

07/05-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #842 – 25 March 2017

Hares: The meeting point for the Hash was St Julian’s car park.  Confusing for some of the 35 hashers, who went to the school car park, only to realise that everyone else was taking advantage of the sea views in the car park down the road.  No problem.  Just drive down the road and join in the fun.

The trail was set by Wrecking Ball and his resourceful co-hare Lucy Urbanowski.  Congratulations to Lucy for stepping in and haring on only her third hash.  The route included 3 Rambo loops, and took both Wimps and Rambos through the delights of the urban, woodland, beach and paradao in Carcavelos.  The trail provided interesting things for all to discover, including wild freesia and the delights of a surf competition.  Congratulations hares – we look forward to seeing more of this combination in action trail setting.  Also worthy of note: entire Aboud family out on the trail.

Virgins: Sonia Ribeiro, Amanda Purdon, John Gilsenan, Diana Rien, Sten Engdahl (Swedish Viking), Alie ENgdahl, Danilo Ballotta, Mary Aboud and Caelen Aboud.

Retornados: Zoom. Pulp Fiction, Natural Blonde, Blue Balls, Depth Charge, Finn Her, Finn Him, Icepyck, Not In Charge, Kristen Aboud, Aiden Aboud, Kieran Aboud, Taylor Aboud, Dylan Aboud, Gina Lemaster, Sonny Lemaster and Martti Saramma.

Birthdays: Captain America – 75 and No Moor – 440

The Circle: No Moor, as an ‘ancient’ (see above) and wise hasher, stepped in as Hash Master for the day.  His experience ensured an orderly circle. Only one major misdemeanour for the afternoon – Icepyck, who did not learn for the experience at the start of the afternoon, and went to a different wrong car park at the end of the hash.  He waited patiently for the other hashers to turn up, thinking, when he saw no one else, that the other hashers must have been really slow.  Moral of the story – check which car park we are supposed to be in.

Not In Charge

Hash Report #841 – March 11, 2017

23/03-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #841 – March 11, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day Hash

Hares: The meeting point for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Hash was Praça Dom Fernando II in São Pedro de Sintra where 45 hashers, experiencing weather much cooler than Cascais, followed trails set by Hare Emeritus Boomerang and his flour carrying sidekick Confuzeus. The generally flat route (ha!) headed west up to the walls of the Moorish Castle, descended into the historic centre of Sintra, headed east across the main road to take in the windmill and cemetery then returned westerly back to the starting point. The entire hash had many viewpoints.
The number 45 includes a few Canadians who got lost finding the start location so essentially completed ‘half-a-hash’.

Virgins: Kian, Attie and Teaghan Murphy (St. Patrick’s Day after all), Beatrice Castro and Don Smale.

Retornados: Bed Hanger, Bizzie Knickers, Fallen Maple, F2M2, Innerknickers, King Vasa, Lucky 7, Neptunia, No Service, Party Pants

Birthdays: Bed Hanger – 15, Crude Celt – 10, Head Banger – 35, Innerknickers – 20, King Vasa – 25, Lord Egg – 141, Neptunia – 10, No service – 10, Pistil – 11, Stamen – 11

The Circle: To mark St. Patrick’s Day, Miss Directed provided LH3 with some craft beer from Passarola Brewing, a small craft brewing operation, in which he has a part interest. The beer was enjoyed by all who sampled with hashers purchasing a few extras for home consumption.

(Hash Master, Hash Cash, Hare, Hash Scribe, beer wrangler, nice guy)



Hash Report #840 – February 25, 2017

10/03-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #840 – February 25, 2017

HARES: Pilot Light and Wrecking Ball set an extremely well marked hash, enjoyed by about 40 hashers, starting on Estrada do Penedo in Parque Forestal de Monsanto. The trails explored many areas from Universidade de Lisboa in the south to trails north of the A5 motorway.

VIRGINS: Margaret and Peter Kutzunova; Gary Brown; Geir, Katie, Alex, and Sophie Torńes; Angela Turner; John Duggan; Raili Cardamone

RETORNADOS: Soixante, Virgina and Nelson Clarke, Camilla and Martin Anderson, Flatpack, Fish Fingerer, Finnking, Kingkey

BIRTHDAYS: Confuzeus – 115, Pistil – 10, Stamen – 10, Special K – 11, Wrecking Ball – 15, Roaming Queen – 22, Sizzling Hot – 15

RE-NAMING: Kingkey is now to be called MISS MASS

March 11 – St. Patrick’s Day Hash with Hares Boomerang and Confuzeus
March 25 – Knot so Hot and Wrecking Ball
APRIL 8 – Special away Wine Tasting Hash in the beautiful village of Cheleiros, just south of Mafra.




Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 13.52.53


Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 13.53.29


Hash Report #839 – February 11th, 2017

17/02-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #839 – February 11th, 2017

Hash 839 was excellently hared by No Moor & Miss Directed. They set a rugged 10.5k Rambo route and less demanding 6k wimp route covering the Quinta do Pisao parkland.

Despite the rain and pretty awful forecast, 25 hashers dragged themselves to the Valentine Day Hash and were rewarded with fizz, chocolate and jelly hearts.

Confuzeus acted as Hash Master, and welcomed the only Virgin, Linda Patient.

Retornados:  Lord Egg and Wrecking Ball

Birthdays:  Bardess (530) Baron Von Jockstrap (140) Beegulper (15) Lord Egg (140) Master Chef (60) Pilot Light (45) Out of Gas (40) & Special K (10)

Namings:  No naming’s this week.

Misdemeanours: No misdemeanours reported.

The next Hash will be Saturday February 25thrd starting point is Parque do Penedo, and the hares are Pilot Light & Wrecking Ball. If you are interested in setting a hash and please contact the Hare Raiser “Pilot Light”.

Advance Notice: Confuzeus confirmed the Away Hash will take place April 8th at Manz Winery, Chereiros, near Mafra.  The Hash will start earlier on that day, to allow time for the wine tour and tasting. More details will follow.

On On – Corkscrew

Hash Report #838 – January 28th, 2017

11/02-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #838 – January 28th, 2017

52 Hashers met at Estadio Nacional for a rather wet, hilly and what turned out to be slightly confrontational Hash with the Stadium’s staff!

Pilot Light and Out of Gas set the trail, which was a just under 12k for the Rambos and 6k for the Wimps. The “confrontational” issue started with the Stadium Staff seeming to object to us running through and around the Stadium despite Pilot Light checking ahead that this was a public place and it would not be a problem. Some Hasher’s were refused entry but using their Hash initiative they found their way back to the circle.

Due to the pouring rain and windy conditions, hash initiative was once again put to use by setting up the circle in a small undercover area in the park grounds. Unfortunately the park security guard took offence at this and requested we move – so we duly did and undeterred continued hash business in the wet car park.

Confuzeus acted as Hash Master, Hoochie Coochie Man stepped in as Spiritual Advisor.

Virgins: 13 Virgins were welcomed: Caroline McKay, Sonny & Gina LeMaster, Henrik Koivisto, Eva Mandel, Manuela Matteo & friend Doutel, Susan Roseler, David & Rita Seabra, Stephanie & Leo Pisapia & Katie Maudin.

Retornados:  Bedhanger, Headbanger, Bee Gulper, Tchim Tchim, Pistil, Stamen, What a Banker, Brigittte, Leo, Clovis, Lilou Autin.

Birthdays:  Boomerang (345), Bizzie Knickers (20) Fast Finnish (66) Pilot Light (44) F2M2 (22) Headbanger (33) & What a banker (10)

Namings:  Three namings were quickly agreed. For our Canadian visitors, Cynthia & Steve Guerin, parents of Moose Grip & in laws to Fallen Maple they have appropriately been named, and from this day forth Cynthia will be known as Silver Maple and Steve as Silver Moose. Chris Poppleton, husband of Sizzling Hot is now known as Sizzling Knot.

Misdemeanours: No misdemeanours reported.

The next Hash will be Saturday February 11thrd and be hared by No Moor & Misdirected. If you are interested in setting a hash and please contact the Hare Raiser “Pilot Light”.

Advance Notice: Away Hash April 8th Winery Tour. There has been discussion about organising an away Hash and a small group from the MMC has checked out Manz Wines which is located in Chereiros, just before Mafra. More details will follow at the next Hash.

On On – Corkscrew