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Hash # 864 13 January 2018

14/01-2018 | No comments yet

At 1.30 pm on 13 January, 28 hardy Hashers & a couple of dogs set off from Murches on what turned out to be an extremely muddy Hash. Hares Fast Finnish, Sizzling Hot & F2M2 had braved the elements earlier to provide the group with some challenging terrain. Mud abounded, given the weather conditions of the preceding week, compounded by the albeit brief but heavy downpour soon after we set off.

The Rambos got a head start while the Wimps took it more slowly to navigate some highly challenging gradients, mostly downhill. An extension took the Runners into the hills, leaving the Walkers to wend their way around Charneca & back to the start. Three missing young Hashers were identified & soon apprehended, subsequently to be denounced in the circle, ably managed by acting HM Confuzeus who firstly held the Hares to account. The consensus of the assembled Hashers was an enjoyable, though particularly muddy, Hash. Bed Hangar was thanked as substitute Beer Mistress.

Virgins: Jacs Boyce, Angeline Frazão, Artur Lami, Carol Fernandes & Roland Prukker were welcomed & invited to provide some information about themselves, why they had attended the Hash & at whose suggestion, before being invited to drink a down-down as their initiation.

Retornados: Bed Hangar, Lock & Load, Path Finder, Rebound, Anna Plucinska & La Crappeuse (a dog whose punishment was taken by her owner, Go Commando) all had a down-down for missing more than two Hashes.

Birthdays: Fast Finnish (77) & Master Chef (70) celebrated their birthdays together, in the absence of Baron Von Jockstrap (145) & Baroness Von Strap-it-on (66) who had chosen to depart prematurely.

Misdemeanours: Appropriate punishments were received by Pilot Light & Go Commando (going in the opposite direction from the correct route), Blue Balls (sliding down on the mud), Jacs (new shoes) & the three young Hashers who went AWOL, F2M2, Path Finder & Lock & Load, for getting lost.

Before closing the circle, Confuzeus requested Hares for the next Hash on 27 Jan, for which Sizzling Knot & Moose Grip stepped forward.

Bardess (Substitute Hash Scribe)

Hash 863 – Recovery Run January 1 2018

03/01-2018 | No comments yet

Happy New Year Hashers!

34 Hashers & a dog assembled at the lavadouro, next to the school in Malveira at 11 am on Monday for an 11.30 start. Hares Pilot Light & Moose Grip set off some minutes earlier to lay a live trail, which proved to be spectacular. The first Rambo loop took the runners through the residential area before heading up into the hills to join the Wimps. The second Rambo loop took them, & a couple of hardy walkers, even further uphill. Throughout the route Hash Views across the rolling terrain to the coast abounded, with the glorious weather affording the best possible vistas.

Substitute Hash Cash, Confuzeus, stepped in as Hash Master. Following appreciation of the Hares’ efforts, stand-in Religious Advisor, No Moor, inducted the following Virgins: Dom Boyle, Simon Heywood, Catarina & Rufus Gylling.  Retornados were welcomed back, namely: Fast Finnish, F2M2, G-String, Hole in One, Master Chef, Out of Gas, Sunflower, Tanker Wanker, Linda Patient, Peter & Gunilla Jeppsson. Finally, Birthdays were celebrated: Confuzeus 121, F2M2 30, Neptuna & No Service both 15, Hole in One & Sassie Lassie both 10. There was one renaming: Tanker Wanker was rechristened Master Tanker, encouraging him to continue participating with LH3.

Special New Year’s Day refreshments of Bucks Fizz were included in the provisions hauled by substitute Beer Meister King Vasa. To reduce waste plastic, Lucky 7 now brings water which can be decanted into Hashers’ own bottles & flasks free of charge. Individual bottles can be purchased for 50 cents.

Hashers are reminded that, until the clocks change again at the end of March, the new meeting time is 1.00 for a 1.30 start.

Bardess (Substitute Hash Scribe)

#Hash Report 862 – 16th December 2017

17/12-2017 | No comments yet

Jingle Bells Hash

Hares and Trail: Hoochie Coochie Man and Depth Charge set a scenic Jingle Bells hash taking in the beauty of the Guincho coast line.

Thirty Eight Hashers turned up at Fort da Gunicho, to start the trail at the earlier time of 1.00pm Wimps completed a 6.3km loop up to Malveria, whilst the Rambos had a 10km trail involving 2 loops navigating the narrow paths to Figueira do Guincho returning to Abano for festive Turkey Sandwiches and Mulled Wine.

The Circle Confuzeus kindly acted as Hash Master.

Virgins: Three virgins were welcomed by our Religious Advisor: Margaret Kelly, David Crombie and Luc Savy.

Retornados: Bad Hare Day, Baron Von Jockstrap, Baroness Von Strap It On, Baronetta, Brown Noser, Blue Balls, Zoom and Finnking.

Birthdays: Baroness V Strap it On (65) Brown Noser (20), Confuzeus (120), Depth Charge (232), MisMatch (220), Moose Grip (60), Sizzling Hot (22), Sizzling Knot (15), This Wont Hurt (131), Jake Walker (5) Matt walker (5) Erica walker (5) Jasmine Walker (5) Captain America (85)

Namings: There were no namings.

Misdemeanours: Flatpack, MisMatch and Captain America for late arrival, Zoom for carrying two bottles of water one still, one fizzy, Sizzling Knot for peeing en route, and Sizzling Hot for short cutting.

Please Note the next Hash #863 will be the Recovery Day Hash and take place on Monday January 1st at 11.00am.

Please check the LH3 Calendar and Face Book Page for the start location. There is no ON ON LH3 organised lunch this year.


#Hash Report 861 – 2nd December 2017

14/12-2017 | Comments Off on #Hash Report 861 – 2nd December 2017

Hares and Trail: Thirty Six hashers came to enjoy the trail set by Hares Mismatch and Miss Directed starting from Quinta do Pisão.

The Circle was ably managed by No Moor – very experienced (see number of birthdays below)

Visitors to LH3:  Miss Mozambique

Virgins: Claes Nordmark

Retornados: Under the Covers, Confuzeus, No Moor, Welsh Rarebok, What A Banker, Christopher Tilly, Jasmine Walker, Erica Walker, Matt Walker and Jake Walker.

Birthdays: Bardess (545), BP (20), King Vasa (35), No Moor (450), This Won’t Hurt (130) and Welsh Rarebok (11).

Namings: João Maria Pinto-Marques will henceforward be known as U Tuba and Christopher Tilly as Rock ‘n Rider

Thanks: to stand in Beermeister King Vasa and stand in Hash Cash Roaming Queen.

Jingle Bells Hash 16th December.  Join the festivities and an early start at 12.30.

(in absentia) Not In Charge

Hash Report #860 – 18th November 2017

27/11-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #860 – 18th November 2017

Hares and Trail:  Virgin Hares, Sizzling Hot, Sizzling Knot, and son Craig Poppleton did a great job setting the trail of the “Two Towers” hash. Thirty five hashers gathered at Reservatorio de Janes (Water Tower) to enjoy a 6km wimp trail or 11km Rambo route covering the foothills of the Sintra Mountains and the stunning views from the Fire Tower on one of Sintra’s highest peaks.

Hoochie Coochie Man acted as stand in Hash Master. Depth Charge returned to his normal duties as Religious Adviser and welcomed 3 new Virgins.

Virgins: Birgitta Tilly Gunbring, Peter Gunbring and Jan Ritzer were first time visitors to LH3 and “recruited” by Hash Pimps ….Miss Google and Suck My Air.  We understand on good authority that Birgitta and Peter were in town to celebrate the forthcoming marriage between Miss Google and Suck My Air. Congratulations to you both wishing you every happiness.

Retornados: Captain America, Flatpack, Hole-in-One, King Vasa, Lord Egg, MisDirected, Roaming Queen, Nelly Brogita, Olgita Edmeads, Craig Poppleton & Buddy Marques.

Birthdays: Elle T. Shirt (45) Flatpack (105) Lucky 7 (25) Moose Milk (11) Pilot Light (60) Roaming Queen (33) Sizzling Hot (20)

Namings: One naming for Catarina Pinto-Marques whose hobbies include dancing, spinning and whose family regard her very much their little princess, so she was quickly and unanimously named as Princess Pirouetta.

Misdemeanours: Several misdemeanours were reported Out of Gas for short toilet break and constantly asking the hare about the right direction to at check points, King Vasa for inappropriate jokes (Thank you!) Mismatch for emerging from the bushes, MisDirected for losing his bearings, Elle T Shirt & Icepyke for choosing the wrong Janes to turn up and Peter Gunbring for wearing golf shoes.

Next Hash: Hares for Saturday December 2nd are MisDirected and MisMatch

On On


Hash Report #859 – 4th November 2017

08/11-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #859 – 4th November 2017

Hares and Trail: Forty five hashers met at Santuario da Peninha, Sintra for Boomerang’s 365th and Farewell hash.  Pilot Light & Out of Gas were excellent hares and set a gruelling 11k for the Rambos and a slightly less elevated route of 6k for the Wimps. A number of stunning hash view points provided spectacular coastline scenery from the rocky, wind blasted location.

Hoochie Coochie Man kindly took care of the duties of Hash Master and Religious Adviser. He smoothly oversaw the circle to ensure that no one caught pneumonia from the wet and windy climate, that Boomerang was rightly acknowledged for his amazing contribution to LH3 and that those hashers who had Halloween parties to attend, would have sufficient time to prepare their ghoulie costumes.

Virgins: Six Virgins in total, Rolfe Brandt and five from the Lopes family: Paulo, Vanessa, Costanca, Salvador and Afonso who were “recruited” by Miss Google and Suck My Air.

Retornados: An outstanding number of retornados who wanted to wish Boomerang all the very best: Ass I Move, Bad Hare Day, Baron Von Jockstrap, Baroness Von Strap It On, BP, Cayman Went, Cute Celt, Fallen Maple, Fire Farter, Forget Me Not, Foxy Finn Mag Missile, Lucky 7, Master Chef, Miss Google, Moose Grip, Moose Milk, Sassie Lassie, Soissant, Suck My Air, Mismatch, This Won’t Hurt, Neuf, Brown Noser, Oval, Not Tonight, Bardess, Crister Forsstroem, Linda Patient, Catarina Pinto Marques, Joao Maria Pinto Marques

Birthdays: Blue Balls (25) Ass I Move (11) Bad Hare Day (275) Can Can (15) Crude Celt (22) Fallen Maple (50) Fast Finnish (75) Moose Milk (10) Suck my Air (11) & Boomerang (365)

Misdemeanours: Sizzling Hot for malfunctioning underwear, Pilot Light and Hoochie Coochie Man for flashing their bodies and Boomerang for leaving to return to Australia.

Thanks: to stand in Hash Cash Blue Balls.

Farewell: Cake and fizz were distributed to raise a toast to Boomerang who after 20 years of hashing with LH3 and 25 years of being based in Portugal is now returning to Australia with his gorgeous “Shelia” otherwise known as Pam. Boomerang has made an outstanding contribution to LH3 not only with the number of times he has hared, but also by sharing his knowledge and expertise of the area, writing and producing fantastic books recommending walks, and information on local flowers and plant life. You will be greatly missed but we do hope to see you again.

Next Hash: Hares for Saturday November 18th are Sizzling Hot & Sizzling Knot

On On


Hash Report #858 – 22nd October 2017

02/11-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #858 – 22nd October 2017

Lisbon Hash House Harriers Away Hash Constância Recovery Run

Pre Trail Visit: LH3 hashers transferred from Quinta de Santa Bárbara to Camping Redondo, the start point for the recovery run, taking in the beautiful scenery on the way. There was even time to stop to admire the Castelo de Bode reservoir and marvel that there is still any water in it.

Hares and Trail: The trail started, according to Surrey H3 tradition, at 11.00 sharp! But we had a nice cup of coffee first, so actually started late. Hares were Atlanta (SH3) and Javali – can’t stop him now. Something a bit different for LH3 hashers this time – only one flour blob to look for after a checkpoint, and no Rambo loops, though there was a planned short cut for those who had partied too hard the night before. The route was swept by Atlanta and RHUM (of Saturday night fame). This was an up hill and down dale trail, with two beer stops (Javali was somehow involved in this too) on the way and trials bikes to just add a bit of excitement.

Birthdays: Corkscrew 155, Crude Celt 21, Depth Charge 230, Elle T Shirt 44, Houchie Coochie Man 155, Icepyck 111, Not In Charge 245, Sizzling Knot 11 and Out of Gas 50. She says that she doesn’t like our 50th birthday T Shirst – perhaps it’s time for a change.

Terrestrial Birthdays: Birthday Boy today was MFI (77) who went swimming as his birthday treat. Not sure that he had planned it that way though.

Misdemeanours: Sizzling Hot! and Sizzling Knot for getting locked out of their bedroom. Blue Balls, Out of Gas and Zoom for getting a lift back in the beer wagon.

Thanks: Elle T Shirt and Icepyck for their splendid hospitality and Surrey H3 including us in their fun.

Not In Charge

Hash Report #857 – 21st October 2017

02/11-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #857 – 21st October 2017

Lisbon Hash House Harriers Away Hash Constância – with Surrey H3

Pre-trail Outing: The Away Hash Adventure began with a visit to Almourol Castle, which is on a small island in the middle of the Tejo. A short boat ride took the assembled 28 Lisbon hashers to the beautifully maintained castle. With perfect timing, of course, Surrey hashers arrived at the island just as LH3 were leaving, meaning there was time for a relaxing coffee before heading to the lunch venue in the centre of Constância.

Hares and Trail: Hares Boomerang, Hoochie Coochie Man, Corkscrew and Helio provided the hashers from Lisbon and Surrey with 3 route choices, Rambo, Wimp and Cultural, through the centre of Constância and its surroundings. Hashers were able to enjoy views of Constância including the confluence of the Tejo and Zezere and perfect weather conditions gave wonderful photo opportunities.
Virgins: Helio – also Virgin Hare.

Retornados: Blue Balls, Corkscrew, Depth Charge, Elle T Shirt, Fast Finnish, Finn Her, Hoochie Coochie Man, Icepyck, Sizzling Hot!, Sizzling Not, Zoom, Annabel Everett, Michael Everett, Ben Everett, Coco Everett, Helena Everett, Maria Kolosova and Misha Gatsuts.

Birthdays: Boomerang 363, Crude Celt 20, Icepyck 110, Sizzling Not 10, Breastroker 60, Michael Everett 6 (naming next time).

Terrestrial Birthdays: Coco Everett’s 8th birthday on 22 October and Boomerang on 19 October (didn’t disclose his age)

Namings: Virgin Helio, who helped hare the hash was named Javeli in recognition of his interest in wild boar.

On On Dinner: Hashers don’t stop partying for long, so in proper hash tradition, everyone joined together for a splendid On On Dinner at Quinta de Santa Bárbara. Hats and unusual headgear were the order of the evening, resulting in a variety of special creations. Hashers are a talented lot, and we were appropriately entertained in a variety of ways. Serenaded by Hornblower, affronted by RHUM who stripped down to his ‘pinny’ (and not much else), and Depth Charge who mastered the disco music. A grand time was had by all.

Hashers clearly have wide ranging interests, so when Sizzling Knot declared that this was the night to watch for the Orionid Meteor Shower, several LH3 members took up positions around the Quinta de Santa Bárbara pool to gaze at the night sky. We were not disappointed and espied several meteors passing through. When other hashers gave up because of the cold air Sizzling Knot and Sizzling Hot! decided to stay on for a bit longer – but this turned out to be longer than anticipated. Finding themselves locked out of their room, they curled up in the car for the night. The special headgear came in useful for keeping extremities warm!

Thanks: to the organisers of the event. Hares Boomerang, Houchie Coochie Man, Corkscrew, Elle T Shirt and Icepyck for making recce visits to ensure a magnificent trail, lunch and liaising with the Quinta.
Special Award and Thanks: to Boomerang. This was his last hash hare for LH3 before he moves back to Australia. As a small token of our appreciation, LH3 gave Boomerang a T Shirt to mark the occasion – Hare Extraordinaire 67 times, Hash Historian, Tip Top Topographer and all round good guy.

Not In Charge

Hash Report 853 – 26 August 2017

05/10-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report 853 – 26 August 2017

Hares and Trail: Twenty Seven hashers came to enjoy the trail set by increasingly experienced Hares Lock and Load, Pathfinder, Rebound and virgin Hare Lachlan Gilmour-Murray.  Thanks to them for the fine trail around Paço d’Arcos and their novel way of sweeping up any straggling hashers (see Misdemeanours).

The Hash Circle was ably overseen by Hash Master, Wrecking Ball.

Visitors to LH3:  Oxymoron

Virgins: Rosa Teixeira, Bruno Jarry, Agnes Jarry, Sven Arvinius, Sophia Arvinius, Lachlan Gilmour-Murray and Susan Keen.  We hope you all walk or run with LH3 again soon.

Retornados: Lord Egg, Out of Gas, What a Banker, Nilla Forsstroem and Crister Forsstroem.

Birthdays: Lucky 7 (22).

No Name Crister Forsstroem.

Namings: Caroline McKay will henceforward be known as Cute Celt and Nilla Forsstroem as Cayman Went

Misdemeanours: Hares driving on a hash.

Thanks: to stand in Beermeister, Bad Hare Day who was ably assisted by Party Pants and Out of Gas.

Away Hash: 21st October in Constancia.  Take a look on the web site and Facebook for details of this special event.  There will be no hash in the Cascais/Lisbon area that day.

(in absentia) Not In Charge

Hash 854 9 September 2017: Red Dress Hash

10/09-2017 | Comments Off on Hash 854 9 September 2017: Red Dress Hash

34 Hashers & 2 dogs (Coffee & Cookie) participated in the annual Red Dress Hash, in aid of the most deserving Bombeiros Voluntários, which saw participants assembling at the public car park close to the old Cascais Bullring. Hashers were unmistakable in their red attire, many of the men competing more fiercely than the opposite sex to look all the more alluring. Before departing on their live Hash, Hare Depth Charge explained the markings to newcomers then he & his fellow Hare, Master Chef, departed to set Cascais ablaze with their respective Rambos & Wimps trails.

Some minutes later, the pack set off to find the routes & were immediately confused by markings that appeared to be sending Hashers in a continuous loop. Thanks to Flying Mum’s sister, who was lurking in the vicinity, we were directed onto the trail which sent us down Av 25de Abril & Wimps directly into the heart of Cascais, Rambos taking the first of their loops before arriving there.

An optional beer stop had been arranged in Cascais square, where some Hashers quenched their thirst. The route then headed towards Cascais Marina & along the ciclovia towards Boco do Inferno. En route, some of us were entertained by a marching band, complete with bagpipe players which emerged from Park Marechal Carmona & crossed into the marina. Rambos caught up with Wimps near the Boco market, after which we turned inland to approach Eurostars Cascais Hotel before accessing the car park by a pedestrian only access.

While one notable Hasher, in particular, had completed a token route then waited patiently for the pack to return to the start, the remainder made it back within a reasonable time of each other, allowing for some convivial socializing before HM Wrecking Ball opened the circle.

Hares: First up were the Hares, to whom appreciation was duly acknowledged with a customary down-down. Visitors form Perth, Australia Brave Fart (via Milngavie, Scotland) & Megan Clark were welcomed before it was the turn for Virgins to LH3: Cristiano Matos & Gabriela Prada (aka Eagel Leaver & Dracula does Prada from Luanda H3).

Retornados & birthdays: Next it was the turn of Retornados: Finnking, Miss Google, Suck my Air, Wrecking Ball, Olgita Edmeades, Johan Lundberg, João-Maria Pinto Marques, Catarina Pinto Marques & Christopher Tilly. Following them came Hash birthdays, namely: Boomerang 360, Flying Mum 181, Graphic Exposure 44, King Vassa 33, Lucky 7 21, Miss Google 15, Not in Charge 242, Suck my Air 10, Wrecking Ball 22 & Christopher Tilly 5.

Sexy Purse Contest: Eventually, it was time for the contest to select the most attractively-attired male Hasher, Wrecking Ball absenting himself from the competition to direct the voting. Depth Charge, Bad Hare Day, King Vassa, Master Chef & Cristiano Matos were among the contenders. King Vassa was acclaimed the outright winner & the recipient of the Sexy Purse. Depth Charge was heard to grumble that he’d never won it, despite his sexy bra, thong & garter. Perhaps he was simply jealous that his mother had been the first Hasher to be awarded the coveted prize!

Unexpectedly to her, in a reviravolta, an extraordinary special award to enhance male prowess was presented, not to one of the male Hashers, but Not in Charge who had been responsible for its procurement. Hares were solicited for the next Hash & an away Hash in Tomar/Constancia (20-22 Oct) was announced. Bad Hare Day & the Charges (Not In & Depth) must be acknowledged for their substitute Beer Meister duties once again, especially the red-themed refreshments & snacks (sangria, water-melon & lollipops) purchased by Not in Charge.

Bardess (substitute Hash Scribe)