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Hash Report #842 – 25 March 2017

07/05-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #842 – 25 March 2017

Hares: The meeting point for the Hash was St Julian’s car park.  Confusing for some of the 35 hashers, who went to the school car park, only to realise that everyone else was taking advantage of the sea views in the car park down the road.  No problem.  Just drive down the road and join in the fun.

The trail was set by Wrecking Ball and his resourceful co-hare Lucy Urbanowski.  Congratulations to Lucy for stepping in and haring on only her third hash.  The route included 3 Rambo loops, and took both Wimps and Rambos through the delights of the urban, woodland, beach and paradao in Carcavelos.  The trail provided interesting things for all to discover, including wild freesia and the delights of a surf competition.  Congratulations hares – we look forward to seeing more of this combination in action trail setting.  Also worthy of note: entire Aboud family out on the trail.

Virgins: Sonia Ribeiro, Amanda Purdon, John Gilsenan, Diana Rien, Sten Engdahl (Swedish Viking), Alie ENgdahl, Danilo Ballotta, Mary Aboud and Caelen Aboud.

Retornados: Zoom. Pulp Fiction, Natural Blonde, Blue Balls, Depth Charge, Finn Her, Finn Him, Icepyck, Not In Charge, Kristen Aboud, Aiden Aboud, Kieran Aboud, Taylor Aboud, Dylan Aboud, Gina Lemaster, Sonny Lemaster and Martti Saramma.

Birthdays: Captain America – 75 and No Moor – 440

The Circle: No Moor, as an ‘ancient’ (see above) and wise hasher, stepped in as Hash Master for the day.  His experience ensured an orderly circle. Only one major misdemeanour for the afternoon – Icepyck, who did not learn for the experience at the start of the afternoon, and went to a different wrong car park at the end of the hash.  He waited patiently for the other hashers to turn up, thinking, when he saw no one else, that the other hashers must have been really slow.  Moral of the story – check which car park we are supposed to be in.

Not In Charge

Hash Report #841 – March 11, 2017

23/03-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #841 – March 11, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day Hash

Hares: The meeting point for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Hash was Praça Dom Fernando II in São Pedro de Sintra where 45 hashers, experiencing weather much cooler than Cascais, followed trails set by Hare Emeritus Boomerang and his flour carrying sidekick Confuzeus. The generally flat route (ha!) headed west up to the walls of the Moorish Castle, descended into the historic centre of Sintra, headed east across the main road to take in the windmill and cemetery then returned westerly back to the starting point. The entire hash had many viewpoints.
The number 45 includes a few Canadians who got lost finding the start location so essentially completed ‘half-a-hash’.

Virgins: Kian, Attie and Teaghan Murphy (St. Patrick’s Day after all), Beatrice Castro and Don Smale.

Retornados: Bed Hanger, Bizzie Knickers, Fallen Maple, F2M2, Innerknickers, King Vasa, Lucky 7, Neptunia, No Service, Party Pants

Birthdays: Bed Hanger – 15, Crude Celt – 10, Head Banger – 35, Innerknickers – 20, King Vasa – 25, Lord Egg – 141, Neptunia – 10, No service – 10, Pistil – 11, Stamen – 11

The Circle: To mark St. Patrick’s Day, Miss Directed provided LH3 with some craft beer from Passarola Brewing, a small craft brewing operation, in which he has a part interest. The beer was enjoyed by all who sampled with hashers purchasing a few extras for home consumption.

(Hash Master, Hash Cash, Hare, Hash Scribe, beer wrangler, nice guy)



Hash Report #840 – February 25, 2017

10/03-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #840 – February 25, 2017

HARES: Pilot Light and Wrecking Ball set an extremely well marked hash, enjoyed by about 40 hashers, starting on Estrada do Penedo in Parque Forestal de Monsanto. The trails explored many areas from Universidade de Lisboa in the south to trails north of the A5 motorway.

VIRGINS: Margaret and Peter Kutzunova; Gary Brown; Geir, Katie, Alex, and Sophie Torńes; Angela Turner; John Duggan; Raili Cardamone

RETORNADOS: Soixante, Virgina and Nelson Clarke, Camilla and Martin Anderson, Flatpack, Fish Fingerer, Finnking, Kingkey

BIRTHDAYS: Confuzeus – 115, Pistil – 10, Stamen – 10, Special K – 11, Wrecking Ball – 15, Roaming Queen – 22, Sizzling Hot – 15

RE-NAMING: Kingkey is now to be called MISS MASS

March 11 – St. Patrick’s Day Hash with Hares Boomerang and Confuzeus
March 25 – Knot so Hot and Wrecking Ball
APRIL 8 – Special away Wine Tasting Hash in the beautiful village of Cheleiros, just south of Mafra.




Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 13.52.53


Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 13.53.29


Hash Report #839 – February 11th, 2017

17/02-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #839 – February 11th, 2017

Hash 839 was excellently hared by No Moor & Miss Directed. They set a rugged 10.5k Rambo route and less demanding 6k wimp route covering the Quinta do Pisao parkland.

Despite the rain and pretty awful forecast, 25 hashers dragged themselves to the Valentine Day Hash and were rewarded with fizz, chocolate and jelly hearts.

Confuzeus acted as Hash Master, and welcomed the only Virgin, Linda Patient.

Retornados:  Lord Egg and Wrecking Ball

Birthdays:  Bardess (530) Baron Von Jockstrap (140) Beegulper (15) Lord Egg (140) Master Chef (60) Pilot Light (45) Out of Gas (40) & Special K (10)

Namings:  No naming’s this week.

Misdemeanours: No misdemeanours reported.

The next Hash will be Saturday February 25thrd starting point is Parque do Penedo, and the hares are Pilot Light & Wrecking Ball. If you are interested in setting a hash and please contact the Hare Raiser “Pilot Light”.

Advance Notice: Confuzeus confirmed the Away Hash will take place April 8th at Manz Winery, Chereiros, near Mafra.  The Hash will start earlier on that day, to allow time for the wine tour and tasting. More details will follow.

On On – Corkscrew

Hash Report #838 – January 28th, 2017

11/02-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #838 – January 28th, 2017

52 Hashers met at Estadio Nacional for a rather wet, hilly and what turned out to be slightly confrontational Hash with the Stadium’s staff!

Pilot Light and Out of Gas set the trail, which was a just under 12k for the Rambos and 6k for the Wimps. The “confrontational” issue started with the Stadium Staff seeming to object to us running through and around the Stadium despite Pilot Light checking ahead that this was a public place and it would not be a problem. Some Hasher’s were refused entry but using their Hash initiative they found their way back to the circle.

Due to the pouring rain and windy conditions, hash initiative was once again put to use by setting up the circle in a small undercover area in the park grounds. Unfortunately the park security guard took offence at this and requested we move – so we duly did and undeterred continued hash business in the wet car park.

Confuzeus acted as Hash Master, Hoochie Coochie Man stepped in as Spiritual Advisor.

Virgins: 13 Virgins were welcomed: Caroline McKay, Sonny & Gina LeMaster, Henrik Koivisto, Eva Mandel, Manuela Matteo & friend Doutel, Susan Roseler, David & Rita Seabra, Stephanie & Leo Pisapia & Katie Maudin.

Retornados:  Bedhanger, Headbanger, Bee Gulper, Tchim Tchim, Pistil, Stamen, What a Banker, Brigittte, Leo, Clovis, Lilou Autin.

Birthdays:  Boomerang (345), Bizzie Knickers (20) Fast Finnish (66) Pilot Light (44) F2M2 (22) Headbanger (33) & What a banker (10)

Namings:  Three namings were quickly agreed. For our Canadian visitors, Cynthia & Steve Guerin, parents of Moose Grip & in laws to Fallen Maple they have appropriately been named, and from this day forth Cynthia will be known as Silver Maple and Steve as Silver Moose. Chris Poppleton, husband of Sizzling Hot is now known as Sizzling Knot.

Misdemeanours: No misdemeanours reported.

The next Hash will be Saturday February 11thrd and be hared by No Moor & Misdirected. If you are interested in setting a hash and please contact the Hare Raiser “Pilot Light”.

Advance Notice: Away Hash April 8th Winery Tour. There has been discussion about organising an away Hash and a small group from the MMC has checked out Manz Wines which is located in Chereiros, just before Mafra. More details will follow at the next Hash.

On On – Corkscrew


Hash Report #837

27/01-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #837

Hash Report #837 – January 14, 2017

A beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon attracted a large turnout of 62 hashers, including 18 Virgins, to the church in Ulgueira for a very challenging (up and down over rough, rocky terrain) hash. The Hares, Fast Finnish and Sizzling Hot, sent the hashers in a south-westerly direction towards Cabo da Roca then north along the coast towards Praia da Adraga before returning inland to Ulgueira. The Wimps route included elevation ‘ups and downs’ of approximately 215m. There were many stunning viewpoints especially around the Roche da Ursa area.

Visitors to LH3:
Daffydildo and Doggystyle from the UK. (Ron and Nicole Garbarini)

Aboud, Dylan; Aboud, Kieran; Anderson, Camilla; Anderson, Martin: Belo, Jose; Carvalho, Alexandra; Dupont, Alix; Engholm, Ase; Engholm, Michael; Engholm, Oliver; Hedrick, Krystal Lynn; Homer, Rich; Luoma, Linnea; Luoma, Kirsi; Luoma, Pekka; Mann, Bernado; Mierke, Flo; Zewde, Rachel

Firefarter, Misdirected, Fishfingerer, Ass I Move, Baroness von S-I-O, Breast Stroker, Crude Celt, Master Chef, No Moor, Not in Charge. Pecker Checker, Rubber Pecker, Special K, Nelson Clark, Virginia Clark, David Mendes, Christina Oliveira, Thomas Stark (variable hash name…)

Ass I Move – 10, Breaststroker – 50, Captain America – 70, Fast Finnish – 65, Hoochie Coochie Man – 141, Lucky 7 – 11

The Circle was a cacophonous affair with the large turnout and inordinate number of Virgins. The turnout quickly depleted the Biermeisters supplies and reserve beer and wine had to be purchased from a local retail outlet providing a strong economic stimulus for the village.



Hash #837

Hash #837

Hash Report #836

10/01-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #836

Hash Report #836 – January 1, 2017
(Recovery Day Hash)

Traditionally a ‘Live Hash’ the Recovery Day Hash got underway at 11:30 with 29 hashers enjoying a pleasant day to shake off the New Year’s Eve cobwebs.

Hares: Hoochie Coochie Man and Pilot Light set the hash from the end of Rua Casal Queimado, conveniently close to the Quinta do Cortador which was the location for the Recovery Day Lunch. (This discourages hashers from going home to ‘freshen up’ after the hash and before the lunch but despite this admonition some insisted….. We try!)
The routes allowed hashers to explore areas of suburban Cascais passing in a general clockwise loop through Cobre, Pampilheira and Birre. Some confusion for walkers doing the R1 loop delayed the proceedings somewhat.

Virgins: Kristian, Aidan and Taylor Aboud; Gabriel Guerin

Retornados: Fallen Maple, Fast Finnish, Finnking, Flatpack, King Vasa, Kingkey, Out of Gas, Welsh Rarebok, Cynthia Guerin, Steve Guerin, Kimmo Koiso, Chris Poppleton, Deb Poppleton.

Birthdays: Confuzeus – 111, Corkscrew – 141, Fallen Maple – 40, Finnking – 15, Foxy Finn Mag Missile – 20, Hoochie Coochie Man – 140, King Vasa – 22, Lucky 7 – 10.

Recovery Day Lunch: Twenty-seven hashers (including baby Gabriel Guerin) enjoyed a relaxed afternoon eating, drinking and socializing at the Quinta do Cortador. Your LH3 subsidized this event by approximately €10 per person.







Hash Report #835

10/01-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #835

Hash Report #835 – December 17, 2016
(Jingle Bells Hash)

A lovely sunny afternoon permitted 18 hashers to participate in the 2016 version of our annual Jingle Bells Hash. Acting Biermeisters Corkscrew and Hoochie Coochie Man provided delicious and tasty ‘turkey-on-a-bun’ tapas and mulled wine to celebrate the holiday season.

Hares: Bizzie Knickers and Innerknickers set trails starting in greater Murches then following a counterclockwise loop into greater downtown Murches, east towards the Funny Farm Road, north towards Zambujeiro and finally south back to Murches.

Virgins: Karen and Pete Francis

Retornados: Baron von Jockstrap, Depth Charge, Roaming Queen, Robo Robo, Robogasm, Wrecking Ball

Birthdays: Confuzeus – 110, Corkscrew – 140




Hash Report #834

10/01-2017 | Comments Off on Hash Report #834

Hash Report #834 – December 3, 2016

Another lovely Autumn day in the Sintra hills – NO, NO, NO…….This Saturday evolved into being one of the wettest, windiest, ugliest hash days in many years.

Hares: Corkscrew and Hoochie Coochie Man survived torrential morning downpours to lay trails in the Quinta do Pisão area.

Hashers: A total of nine male hashers (no women, no dogs…..) endured the challenging conditions to complete a not very enjoyable hash. (Corkscrew had decided that a warm bath and afternoon in front of the fire was more appealing than slogging around Pisão once again.)
Participating were Bad Hare Day, Boomerang, Captain America, Confuzeus, Hoochie Coochie Man, Moose Grip, No Moor, Pilot Light and Aidan McKay.

The Circle: The rain dissipated to a steady drizzle allowing some semblance of a circle in which the only serious business concluded was to Name Aidan McKay as Crude Celt because of his Irish/Scottish roots and his current work plundering the gentle earth for oil resources.

(From memory – too wet to record anything)





Hash Report #833 – November 19th, 2016

21/11-2016 | Comments Off on Hash Report #833 – November 19th, 2016

Boomerang LH3s Hare Emeritus set an excellent trail for Hash 833. 37 Wimps and Rambo’s met at Capela de São Mamede de Janas.

The sun shone whilst the hashers completed their respective routes, 12k for Rambo’s and 7km for Wimps covering the Janas countryside and including some great views.

No Moor acted (mostly) as Hash Master, delegating to Corkscrew. Hoochie Coochie Man stepped in as Spiritual Advisor, as Depth Charge was otherwise indisposed on important wine tasting duties in France.

Virgins: Two new Virgins Mariti & Tuula Saransa were welcomed.

Retornados:  Bad Hanger, Head Banger, Erica Vlug, David Mendes, Jaakko Korhonrn, Kimmo Koiso, Pia Koiso, Nilla & Christer Forsstroem, Nelson & Virgina Clarke, Autin Family, Pinocchio, Moose Grip Icepyck & Elle T-Shirt.

Birthdays:  Miss Google (10), Moose Grip (44), No Moor (434)

No Names: Joao Pinto Marquis, Aidan McKay & Nilla Forsstroem have all attended 5 Hashes and are due to be named at the next Hash.

Namings:  Two legimate namings for Pia & Kimmo Koiso and one renaming was required for Erica Vlug. It would appear that Erica, who originates from the Netherlands, can’t remember the last time she came to a Hash, or what her previous Hash name was or indeed could remember very much about how long she had been in Portugal and what she does with her time here  – so we quickly concluded that she would be now be known as “Forget Me Not”

Pia and Kimmo are both from Finland (there can’t be many Finn’s left there … they are all over here) Pia is missing her homeland but acknowledged she was here because of “him … Kimmo” Kimmo who loves being here in Portugal accepted he was a lucky Finn as he had been happily married to Pia for several decades (nearly 50 years) and was here because of her (Pia) – so they will now be known as “Finn Her” and “Finn Him”

Misdemeanours: No misdemeanours reported.

The next Hash will be Saturday December 3rd and be hared by Hoochie Coochie Man and Corkscrew. If you are interested in setting a hash and please contact the Hare Raiser “Pilot Light”.

On On – Corkscrew