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December 22 Hash

17/12-2012 | Comments Off on December 22 Hash

The “Winter Solstice Hash” or “The Days are Getting Longer Hash” or “Jingle Bells 2 Hash”  will begin at Praça Dom Fernando which is the market location in Sintra São Pedro De Penaferrim.

The GPS coordinates are:  38.790395ºN and 9.379732ºW

We will try to get underway promptly because sunset is at 17:20 which means it is starting to get dark shortly after 17:00.  (Incidentally, the length of the day for December 22 is 2 seconds longer than the shortest day of the year, December 21.)


Away Hash – 2 & 3 March 2013

12/12-2012 | Comments Off on Away Hash – 2 & 3 March 2013
As mentioned in the Circle Saturday, here’s the info on our next Away Hash – the weekend of 2 & 3 March 2013. Same location as last year – Hotel Eurotel Altura, in the Algarve (http://www.eurotel-altura.com/en/)
– 50 euro per room per night (assuming no more than two adults per room)
– Includes buffet breakfast Saturday and Sunday
– Includes buffet dinner Saturday

– Saturday snacks prior to Hash
– Includes Circle snacks Saturday and Sunday
– Includes take-away lunch Sunday
We’ll do one Hash Saturday afternoon, departing the hotel ~1400ish. We’ll have another Hash Sunday morning, departing the hotel ~1100ish.
This is open to anybody, on a first-come, first-serve basis. I’ve addressed reps from the Porto and Algarve Hashes, as well as a few Hashes in Spain. Feel free to spread the word – the more the merrier. I think everybody will agree that last year’s event was a great weekend and a phenomenal value – many thanks to Basil Fawlty and his team.
Interested in coming? Send me an email (kccarlson@hotmail.com) and tell me whether you’ll be staying for both Friday and Saturday night, or just Saturday night. Let me know who you’ll be sharing a room with – please give me real names as well as hash names – I’ll provide this info to the hotel and it’ll make it easier for them to prepare for your arrival.
– You’ll be responsible for paying the hotel for your stay and any other charges. If you sign up, you are responsible for being there; if you’re a no-show, you owe the hotel directly – we had three or four rooms of no-shows last year and we can’t allow that this year.
PS – you’re responsible for arranging your own transportation. As we learned last year – arranging a bus to meet everybody’s desired departure time is completely impractical.
Let me know
On On

Casino sweep for Sat, 8 Dec, will not be at 1345 but 1445

05/12-2012 | Comments Off on Casino sweep for Sat, 8 Dec, will not be at 1345 but 1445

Reminder – On On for Saturday, 8 Dec, is 1545

05/12-2012 | Comments Off on Reminder – On On for Saturday, 8 Dec, is 1545

Mismanagement Committee Meeting Notes – 23 June 2012

26/06-2012 | Comments Off on Mismanagement Committee Meeting Notes – 23 June 2012

Hash Mismanagement Committee Meeting notes

23 June 2012

Following the On On Breakfast, members of the Mismanagement Committee met to discuss numerous issues, as follows:

  • Roles of the MMC:

    • Only ‘primary’ position holders will have a vote and be included on the MMC mailing list. If a primary cannot attend a meeting, it is his/her responsibility to contact an alternate to attend the meeting. Only at this time would the alternate have a vote.

  • LH3 finances:

    • Current balance is 1531 euro.

    • Each quarter, Hash Cash (Ba Ba Boom!) will provide the LH3 balance sheet, to be published for all Hashers.

    • Reminder of the use of your Hash Cash:

      • Pay for snacks and beverages for the Circle

      • Pay for t-shirts for Hashers upon receipt of their Hash Handle/Name

      • Pay for special gifts for Hashers upon completion of 100, 200, 300, etc. Hashes

      • Offset the cost of selected Hash events (On On Dinners, Blazing Saddles BBQ, etc.)

  • Upcoming events: (all are tentative)

    • 29 September – On On Dinner

    • 13 October – Away Hash

    • 8 December – Jingle Boobies Hash (tentatively planning for a twilight/night run in Lisbon, with the circle to be held in a pub)

    • 1 January 2013 – On On Lunch

    • 25 May 2013 – Red Dress Hash

If you have any questions concerning these or any other Hash activities, please contact me.


Hash Master


09/06-2012 | 3 comments so far

Dear Hashers,

Please find a link to the
list of all positions and Hash Handles who have either nominated themselves for volunteer positions or been nominated.

The attached list is as accurate and up to date as I have information for, however I would like to ask if you would please be so kind to let me, Easy Loser , know if you would like to nominate anyone (please do not nominate a hasher that is not interested in taking a position) or if you would like to nominate yourself for a position and I haven’t included, indeed if there are any mistakes on the list please do let me know as soon as possible.

To make sure that voting is fair and transparent and have all Hashers at their ease with the porcess, voting will take place in one of two ways.
One will be by completing the vote spreadsheet at the AGPU this coming Saturday.
Two if you are unable to attend the AGPU, vote by email. Voting by email will close on the Sunday night AFTER the AGPU.

Votes will be calcualted as follows.
Each hasher has one vote for a pirmary and must indicate their vote by writing their name ( tally marks etc cannot be counted)
Each hasher will has one vote for who the alternate.
In the cases where there is only one alternate or one primary it is assumed that by default these hashers will remain or ( If they are new) be assigned to the position.
In the case where there is more than one primary listed the hasher that recieves the most votes will be appointed the posiition.
In the case where there is more than one alternate listed the hasher that recieves the most votes will be appointed the alternate position.

All votes by email will need to be emailed to

Late votes will not be counted. To ensure that everyone feels comfortable that voting is fair and recfelctive of the entire Hash Group, Easy Loser will be more than happy to proivde a public account of the voting.

Hope this is as clear as a pair of Beer Goggles on a Saturday night after an AGPU.

Should you feel in anyway that this is not fair, adequate ???? I don’t know????? then I vote that the the process remains as, if you are not at the AGPU to VOTE then you don’t vote :)


No Hash on 24 December

15/12-2011 | Comments Off on No Hash on 24 December

New Year’s Day Recover Hash and On On Lunch!

13/12-2011 | Comments Off on New Year’s Day Recover Hash and On On Lunch!

New Year’s Day Recovery Hash – Sunday, 1 January, 1100, Hared by Boomerang and Confuzeus. Traditionally followed by the On On Lunch at Quinta do Cortador in Cascais, at 1400. Main course and appetizers, wine and water, sobremesa, coffee for 25 euro per person. If you attend the On On Lunch, you do not pay Hash Cash for the Recovery Hash. Also – as an added bonus – if you pay for the lunch, and have not yet received a Hash Mug – we’ll throw one in free of charge. Meal choices = cabrito or bacalhau. If you want to attend, please RSVP to me via email, or via comment on the LH3 FB page, with your meal choice. On On! K2

Summer Solstice Hash – Saturday, 25 June 2011

09/06-2011 | Comments Off on Summer Solstice Hash – Saturday, 25 June 2011

More details to follow, but another reminder of the upcoming Summer Solstice Hash – Saturday, 25 June 2011.  Starting point and time to be published soon, but tentatively plan on it being in the general area of the Cidadela/hipodromo in Cascais; you should plan to be there no later than 0550-0555; On-On will be ~0610 (sunrise is at 0614).  Hash Cash for the day will be 10 euro; 5 euro as normal, 5 euro for the breakfast to follow.  Breakfast will follow the circle, and will be at the Vila Gale, just as last year (total cost of the breakfast is 10 euro; the Hash will subsidize the other 5 euro).  Any questions please contact K2.

Shoes With Stories

01/02-2011 | Comments Off on Shoes With Stories

Have extra shoes at home?  Your wife have extra shoes at home?  Here’s a great way to clean out your shoe collection.  Drop-off points all over the area.